Dave’s Faves – MoFi StudioDeck Plus

MoFi StudioDeck+ Turntable With StudioTracker Cartridge: $1150

MoFi’s StudioDeck+ turntable with StudioTracker cartridge represents among the best values in the cut above vinyl playback world. As a stand alone product, StudioDeck+ runs $1000. The StudioTracker cartridge runs $200. You get a bit of a break by buying the combo.

StudioDeck+ uses a combination of mass and materials to control resonance. It has the feel and sound of a much more expensive table. It uses a high performance, thick rubber round belt that would only be available as an upgrade from other companies. It uses a substantial Delrin platter, which again, is typically only available on tables like the Bryston for $4k. The tonearm is a 10” design from Allen Perkins of Spiral Groove fame. The plinth is reinforced with an aluminum plate for mass.

The StudioTracker cartridge comes with the StudioDeck+. StudioTracker is comprised of a Grey
Polymer body and is fitted with a nude elliptical stylus. Output is 3.5mV so it will run nicely into any MM phono preamp. We highly recommend using MoFi’s StudioPhono phono preamp. At only $250 it is a conspicuous over achiever. It supports MM/MC, and has subsonic filter and mono switches.

StudioDeck+ has a warmer, less ringy sound than other tables in this price range. The foundation is relaxed and more balanced than we’ve heard for a grand. The image is broad and less forward. In short, StudioDeck+ presents a more sophisticated interpretation of your vinyl at this price point than we’ve been able to offer before.