Dave’s Faves – NAD C328

NAD C328 $550
50×2 Stereo Integrated Amp (2 3/16h, 17 1/8w, 11 1/4d)

C328 is NAD’s most recent introduction in its Hybrid Digital line. With its sleek profile and outrageously high performance, C328 brings this new echelon of NAD technology to its lowest price point.

I could make this entry very short and just say, C328 is a C338 without the network capabilities.
But that would be too easy and not enough fun. We’ve had C338 for a year, which has the identical preamp and amp within. It’s been stellar!

I can’t brag up enough that NAD integrateds, including C328, are conspicuously over achievers in their power amp sections in particular. While rated at 50×2, it hits peaks of more than double that rating. NADs are also comfortable into low impedances. It matters, and it matters a LOT.

Take a look at competitors and you’ll see them hedging their stability right on the back panel of their amplifiers! The other guys have high current and low current modes. In their high current mode (which of course sounds better than the low current mode) they warn not to run speakers that are 4 ohms! They say flat out, your speakers have to be 6-8 ohms or higher. That limits your speaker choice tremendously! What if the speakers you like best ARE four ohms? No go with Yamaguchi.
With NAD, you buy the speakers you like without worrying about their impedance. Further, you can run two pairs of them or, add a subwoofer at line or speaker level without worry.

C328 has the same feature set as C338 EXCEPT that it doesn’t have Wi-Fi/Chromecast. It does have two RCA analog ins, Bluetooth, MM Phono, 2 OPTs, 2 Coax and subwoofer out.

Since many of you will use C328 with small shelf speakers I want to brag up its BASS EQ circuit.
When engaged, BASS EQ adds what is often just the right bump to a less than full range speaker, whether tower or shelf model. It is especially useful for us late night listeners where the volume has to be on the light side.

In short, if you want resolving speakers and are pushing your budget to attain them, consider C328 as a high quality, affordable front end solution. With any luck, saving a few pennies with C328 will allow you to allot more money to your speaker purchase!