Dave’s Faves – Rega Planar 1 Turntable

Rega Planar 1 Turntable $475, Price Includes Rega Carbon MM Cartridge


If you are diving into vinyl for the first time, or diving BACK into vinyl, and you don’t want to dive in tooooo deep, please consider Rega’s new Planar One!

We know how excited people get at collecting records. The hunt is a huge part of the hobby. But please don’t miss the forest through the trees by playing records on crappy old turntables/cartridges. People visit us with crummy buckets of bolts almost every day. They rumble like mad. They don’t spin at the right speed. The cartridges are worn out- providing poor sound and damaging your precious vinyl.

Rega gives you a SERIOUS turntable at an affordable price. Rega allows you to enjoy your investment of time and money in the vinyl hobby. It makes sense to go nuts collecting LPs if you have something nice to play your records on. But playing records on rumbling rattle traps that damage your vinyl investment, is just crazy. Buying a new plastic turntable at Barnes & Noble… will be your rumbling, bumbling mess before you know it.

The physics of playing records are the same today as yesteryear. We want to hear the undulations in the vinyl. Those vibrations are interfered with by mechanical vibrations of the medium.
Try writing clearly while riding in a bouncy truck.

Planar One is a belt drive table. It uses a phenolic platter. The plinth is Thermoset. Planar One is available in black or white. It uses Rega’s 24v motor. It uses a brass bearing well instead of aluminum or plastic. It uses Rega’s custom made Model 110 tonearm. Rega machines its own bearings for the well and tonearm to attain smooth surfaces and low friction. Every decision made on Planar One is to provide superior sound for the price. Planar One is NOT comprised of slapped together parts made by a myriad of vendors from around the globe.

Planar One comes with Rega’s Carbon MM cartridge (output 2.5mV). It’s a nice value at $65 (replacement stylus $45). But Rega was thinking ahead. Planar One’s tonearm can accept a wide array of cartridges. You might consider spending $100 more for an Ortofon Red (5.5 mV), or $165 more for a Rega Bias 2 (7.0 mV!). The Planar One is plenty good enough to support these upgraded cartridges!