Don’t Forget The Elac Uni-Fi Speakers!

Oft times when a speaker has been on the market a couple years, we forget how good it is. It’s no longer “hot” and the audio rags are on to other speakers. They’re selling magazines so they need to tell you about the latest offerings.

Elac Uni-Fi Speakers

When Elac came out with UB-5 and UF-5 a couple of years ago, they earned RAVES. You can read about them in Dave’s Faves on our site.

If you’re in the $500pr to $1k per pair price range, please… don’t forget about these GREAT speakers. They’re just as strong vs the competition TODAY as they were a couple of years ago when they were introduced. Let’s hit the bullet points.

UB-5 $500 Per Pair

If you know about Elac, you’ve know that Andrew Jones is their highly regarded designer. Andrew worked for Kef many years ago and developed the Uni-Q speaker for them. The Uni-Fi from Andrew is an evolved Uni-Q design- where the tweeter is mounted in the apex of the mid-woof driver.

The tweeter element from Elac is comprised of silk and has a smoother, warmer sound, than the aluminum tweeter used by Kef. You might prefer it. Yep, it’s a subjective call.

UB-5 is a dragon slayer in terms of value. Not only does UB-5 have the mellow sounding silk tweeter center mounted on its 4” aluminum mid-woof, UB-5 has AN ADDITIONAL 5.25” dedicated aluminum woofer in the same cabinet. UB-5 is a fanny kicking 3-way for only five bills!

Let’s compare what you get for your money.

Kef makes its LS-50, $1500 per pair. It gets excellent reviews.
Made in China, 2-way
MDF Cabinet available in several attractive flavors
5.25” Uni-Q design with aluminum tweeter
SPL 85dB
Freq Response 79Hz-28k
25-100 w/ch

UB-5 runs $500 per pair. It gets excellent reviews.
Made in China, 3-way
CARB2 MDF Cabinet available in black
4” Uni-Fi design with silk tweeter
Additional 5.25” Aluminum woofer!
SPL 85dB
Freq Response 46Hz-25k
40-150 w/ch

UF-5 $1000 Per Pair

UF-5 is a tower, basically a UB-5 with two additional 5.25” Aluminum woofers. Hence, add ‘em up, you get THREE 5.25” woofs! As you would infer, UF-5 delivers a good deal more thunder than UB-5. That testosterone is much appreciated in all types of music. If you have room for a bookshelf speaker on a stand, you have room for UF-5.

We have nothing against the Kef LS-50, B&W CM-5 or Paradigm 15B. They’re all highly reviewed 5” 2-ways featuring aluminum tweeters, made in China for about $1500 per pair.

What we are suggesting, is that you might actually prefer the UB-5, which delivers more kickbuttatude at one third the price.

Or… if you DO want to spend more, please consider UF-5 which runs only 2/3 the price of these esteemed competitors and delivers tremendously more impact and weight to your music!