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Elac America! (Elac Founded 1926)

Elac is a German company with a lengthy (founded 1926), proud heritage of making fine audio products. While known primarily for loudspeakers, Elac was among the first manufacturers of turntables (remember Elac Benjamin Miracord?!) for consumer use.
The Munich Hi-Fi Show has become the premier débutante ball in our business. If you’ve got something to brag about, Munich is where you smash the champagne bottle. The immediate show reports about the new Debut speaker series was over the top! A new branch of Elac, Elac America, introduced not just a single model, but a full line of speakers built to a high pedigree that were priced to make you do a double-take!
A super tower for $560 per pair? You’re kidding, right?
Two fine shelf speakers for $230 per pair and $280 per pair? You mean each, correct? Nope.
The praise from people who made the trip was lavish. There were many long time reviewers who said, we’ve never run into anything quite like this.
When I learned what they were doing with the nuts and bolts, it befits speakers that sell for many times the price. I’ll hit the details below.

Debut Series of Loudspeakers
Elac America is aggressively going after the market of high performance, affordable loudspeakers with its new Debut Series. To achieve these prices, they’re making the speakers in China. Most companies who move production to China make everything leaner and lighter to minimize freight costs. Not Elac!

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones is a world renowned speaker designer. He has done exquisite work on price no object speakers for TAD among others. The TAD Ref Ones run $78k per pair and are highly respected.
Andrew is now with Elac America and has designed the new Debut speaker lineup. That in and of itself was enough to grab my attention. I wanted to know what a guy who made 330 pound towers for $80k might offer to us working men.

Ya know, I’m just not into companies who sprinkle holy water on lightweight parts and expect you to salute because of their name. We have so many lightweight 5” 2-ways on the market for $1500pr… with no courage. They’re pleasant but, come on. You want some testosterone in you tunes. Give me some beef! Elac does.

Debut F5 Tower, $560 per pair (38h, 7 7/8w, 8 3/4d, 33lbs)
Debut F5 is a conspicuously fine value. This full sized tower weighs more than many $2500pr towers! Elac is using a unique, 1” cloth dome cloth tweeter which has a sweet top end. It doesn’t bite.
F5 uses three 5.5” Aramid Fiber (Kevlar) cones with large magnets to deliver substantial muscle. One of the 5.5s is a mid, the other two are woofs. The F5 produces a conspicuously full bodied sound for its modest price point!
The surround material used in these drivers is Santoprene, a sophisticated rubber technology you’ll typically only find higher up the price chart.
The cabinet is internally H braced. For $560 per pair? Really? Yup!
There is a separate chamber for the midrange driver and tweeter. It’s rear ported.
There is a separate chamber for the two woofs, also rear ported.
The impedance is 6 ohms but never drops below 4.8.
You’ll be mega impressed by the sound- which you need to hear for yourself. But to give you this much hardware for the price is absolutely Milwaukee friendly!

Debut B-6 Bookshelf Speaker, $280 per pair (14h, 8.5w, 10d, 15lbs)
Debut B-6 uses the same cloth tweet as F5 above. It uses a 6.5” Aramid fiber mid/woof with massive magnet structure in a ported enclosure. I had to check again. You mean $280 each, correct? No, $280 per pair!
Once again, our market has a plethora of $1500pr, 5 inch 2-ways that have LESS hardware in them than B-6!

Debut B-5 Bookshelf Speaker, $230 per pair (12 3/4h, 7 7/8w, 8 3/4d, 12lbs)
B-5 uses the same cloth tweet described above and has a 5.5” Aramid Fiber mid-woof in a ported enclosure. For $230 per pair?! If $50 doesn’t matter, of course you’ll buy the B-6 for richer bass. But when you’re tight on space, B-5 still offers outstanding performance.

Debut C-5 Center Speaker $180 each (7 7/8h, 18 3/4w, 8 3/4d)
Again, are you joking?! $180 for a full figured center employing the cloth tweet and two 5.5” Aramid Fiber mid-woofs?!

Debut A-4 Atmos Speakers $230 per pair (4 7/8h, 7 7/8w, 8 3/4d)
The A4 uses a one half inch cloth tweet married to a 4” mid/woof in coax design. The A-4 sits atop other speakers when you want to create an Atmos system but don’t want to install ceiling speakers. This design is employed to deliver the point source image Atmos requires.

Powered Subs: The Bargains Continue!

S-10 $250, 13.5” cube, 10” woofer, 100w amp, 26lbs, dual ports
This cost effective sub has a traditional array of controls and is ridiculously good for $250.

EQ Subwoofers
The EQ subs are a new breed of cat! You connect to the LFE input on the back. But all the controls are run from your phone or pad. There’s substantial DSP circuitry within- similar to a parametric EQ. A few of these tricks are patented!
S-10 EQ $500, 13.5” cube, 10” long throw woof & passive, 200w amp, 35lbs
S-12 EQ $700, 17” cube, 12” long throw woof & passive, 500w amp, 55lbs

Google The Reviews
You won’t believe them!

ELAC Family

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