Dynaudio Xeo Speakers

Xeo 6 $4000 per pair (33.6h, 6.7w, 9.7d) Black or White Satin

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Now on display are the new, Dynaudio Xeo 6 speakers. The term Xeo (ZEE-O) denotes Dynaudio’s powered, “wireless” speakers. They do need AC power because they have amplifiers on board. But you don’t need to run signal or speaker wires to them.

Xeo 6 is a sleek, diminutive tower with three drive units. Each drive unit is powered by its own on-board amplifier. Hence there are three amps per speaker! There is no passive crossover in Xeo speakers. These are “direct drive” technology, further controlled by DSP algorithms from Dynaudio’s engineering department.
The price of $4k per pair includes the Hub, which transmits the signal to the speakers. You hook your sources up to the Hub and you’re good to go. The range is 60 feet.
Dynaudio makes an extender ($175) if you need to go further. You can buy multiple Xeo speakers (please do!) and place them around your house.
Xeo 6 has an RF receiver and display atop the speakers. You can manually adjust the volume at the speakers if you choose to.
Xeo 6 comes with the attractive outrigger feet and speaker grills. You will be very pleased to see that Xeo 6 has a surprisingly small footprint in your room. You will be equally please by its large sound.

The Hub’s inputs are:
3 Digital:
Two Analog:
Analog RCAs
Analog 1/8th “

The sound of the Xeo 6 is very fast and controlled. The top end is smooth, courtesy of Dynaudio’s renowned, 1.1” SILK tweeter. The two 5” powered woofers deliver surprisingly muscular bass. Midrange vocals are open and airy, not dark. Xeo 6 is an ideal choice where YOU want top notch sound and SHE wants a small speaker. Xeo 6 can please you both!
The term Satin denotes that the speakers are not high gloss. The finish is far more forgiving than a shiny, piano gloss.

Xeo 4 $2400 per pair (11.1h, 6.7w, 9.7d) Black or White Satin
Xeo 4 is the bookshelf version of this line. Featuring the same tweeter, one mid/woof and two amps per speaker, Xeo 4 is just a scaled down Xeo 6. Speaker stands run $350per pair.
I would get Xeo 4 if I needed to place the speakers on the shelf. But Xeo 6 has a lot more thunder. So if you are bargaining for floor space, stick to your guns and win the battle. The Xeo 6 sounds plenty better and is worth the tussle and money!
Xeo 4 runs off the same Hub above.