Elac Is Killing It !!!

Elac announced in 2015 it was hiring industry famous speaker designer Andrew Jones.
Anyone that’s been in our biz knows Andrew Jones has a high pedigree. He designed speakers for KEF, and then went to Pioneer where he worked on the TAD line of speakers for 17 years.

Now, both of these companies make very high end gear. They sound terrific but…
At TAD his bookshelf speaker was $38k per pair, his towers were about $80k per pair. So while I did notice he went to Elac, I assumed it would be more of the same. Huge, kilo-buck pricing. And that’s not Milwaukee. We’re not NYC!

Much to my surprise… Jones’ first offerings under the Elac brand have appeared as the Debut Series. The pricing on these speakers is clearly a SPLASH to put Elac on the map in North America in particular!

The roll out at the 2015 Munich audio show gushed raves. Anyone who is anyone that bumped into the Elac room couldn’t believe they were hearing correctly when they were told the price of these speakers. For example, B-6 runs $280 per pair. Everyone responded, $280 each, right? And for F-5, $560 per pair. Everyone responded, $560 each, right?

The value that these speakers present is absolutely spanking the competition in the $600 per pair on down range. The cabinets are heavy and internally braced. The drivers have massive magnets on them- the largest they can be and still fit in the box!

Elac flat out ignored the rule of, go to China and go light weight. The Elac speakers are made in China for obvious cost savings purposes, but the nuts and bolts of these speakers were not chintzed on.

The tweeter is a very smooth silk dome design that is smooth as silk on top and images beautifully. No bite. No sizzle. Just realistic acoustic sound without the typical metal dome tweeter aggression.

The midrange and woofer drivers are using Kevlar- which you expect to see on speakers about $2500 per pair on up. The weight of the speakers is impressive for the price. They didn’t make flimsy cabinets to land them here cheap.

Plain and simple, Elac is kicking arse and taking names. Elac wants to be the GO TO speaker brand at affordable money in North American and they are positively KILLING IT!

ELAC Debut Series web link