Emotiva BasX A-300 Power Amp

Emotiva BasX A-300 Power Amp $400
150×2, 8 ohms, 300×2, 4 ohms
4H, 17W, 15.5D, 25.2lbs

Just out is the first product of Emotiva’s new BasX series of electronics. The line will feature
several power amps, along with a preamp (PT-100, $300, due in August). To say A-300 is a great deal is a gross understatement! This power amp breaks new ground for affordable performance- and it’s not even on a huge chassis.
Emotiva BasX A-300_ front

Whenever we get new gear in, we open it up to see under the hood. With A-300 the toroidal transformer is so big it is shocking. It barely fits under the cover! You can’t believe that any amp for under a grand has a monster toroidal transformer like this.
There’s no smoke and mirrors here. No class D hoo-ha to throw you off the scent. A-300 is blood and guts scary, class A-B, for only $400!
It starts with the killer transformer. No amp for $400 has a HEART like A-300. It breaks the mold from step one. Filter caps are generous. It uses 8 output devices instead of the standard 4. Think 8 cylinders of acceleration vs 4 cylinders!

The first thing you hear in A-300 is the bass. Oh that bass! Are you sure this amp isn’t 250×2 and a thousand bucks? The impact and control, even on some hungry speakers like Bryston A2’s and Maggies- just dynamite. Transient attacks, clarity, smoothness… as I said, this amp is so good for the price it just isn’t fair to anybody south of Bryston!
Emotiva A-300 Top

Class A-B
Heavy duty linear power supply
Massive multivoltage 380Va Toroidal Transformer
40,000 uF capacitance
8 Bipolar Output Transistors
120dB Noise Floor
Short signal path
RCA jack inputs
Heavy duty binding post speaker connections
Protection circuit that will not impede sonic performance
Will read 115 or 230v, just hook it up, it will know!
Steel Chassis
Milled Aluminum face plate
Trigger for on/off

Emotiva Basx A-300_ rear