Emotiva BasX Lineup

Stereo Preamp/Tuner/DAC, PT-100 $300


Emotiva is the king of affordable separates. The quality of their gear for the price is legitimately jaw dropping. Emo announced the BasX lineup in the spring. It’s now here! And it’s so good it’s crazy!
The warranty is generous at three years P&L.

To get a good stereo preamp for $300 would be great. But PT-100 is so much more. In fact, as I list these features, you’re going to think it’s a mistake. It isn’t.
PT-100 starts as a stereo preamp. It has analog RCA inputs for CD and Aux. It also has a built in phono preamp that supports MM & low output MC! You read RIGHT.
PT-100 has a built in DAC! The DAC inputs are: Coax, Opt, USB-B and Blue Tooth. Not many people use Blue Tooth, so that requires that you purchase a dongle, $50.
PT-100 has a built in FM tuner.
PT-100 has two sets of outputs. The MAIN set is analog L&R to run a power amp. The other set is SUB out which will support MONO or stereo.
If you told me all of this was going to come out in an Emo product with glass boards and nice parts, I would have guessed the price to be about a grand. To have it land at $300 is RIDICULOUS!

Stereo Power Amp, A-300 $400 (150×2, 8 ohms: 300×2, 4 ohms)

When A-300 arrived, we opened it up to take a look. The massive 400w toroidal transformer barely fits under the hood. Filter caps are a robust 20,000uF per channel. A-300 uses 8 output transistors (everyone else in this price range runs 4). As you look at the hardware in A-300, you would expect it to run a grand- because competition like Rotel and Adcom are precisely that.
A-300 has real courage! A-300 sounds solid with tough speakers like Magnepans. It just coasts with less hungry speakers like GoldenEar, Bryston, Paradigm & Elac.

Stereo Receiver, TA-100 $400 (50×2, 8 ohms, 90×2, 4 ohms)

TA-100 is just a shocker! TA-100 is basically a PT-100 with a 50×2 power amp on board! You
are getting 50×2 of class AB muscle for only four bills.
Inputs are the same as PT-100 above! Yep, even though you are getting a stereo receiver, you have two sets of pre outs. One set is for another power amp. The other set of outputs is summed
for running a sub or two!

Multi-Channel Power Amps
These multi-channel amps use large toroidal transformers just like A-300 above. The sound is the same with these two amps. The difference is the number of channels you get. If you’re looking for a terrific sounding theater amp of moderate power and inexpensive price, here ya go!

A-500 $500 emo_a500_frnt
80×5 into 8 ohms.
150X5 into 4 ohms.



A-700 $600 emo_a700_front
80×7 into 8 ohms.
150X7 into 4 ohms.