Emotiva Is Crushing It!

Whether you’re putting together a stereo system, or home theater system, how can you beat Emotiva? You can’t. These products are BALANCED and support single ended operation too. Balanced operation gives you a lower noise floor, better kick and better dynamic contrast. It’s always an advantage.


CD Player: ERC-3 $500

Emotiva ERC-3

Emotiva ERC-3

For just $500 you get a great red book player that weighs 22 pounds, tracks like a champ and has a five year warranty. Outputs include analog XLR (!!!), RCA and Digital XLR (!!!), Coax & Toslink. ERC-3 has a detachable power cord so you can upgrade if you choose to. Due to the solid construction and massive power supplies, ERC-3 has a dynamic sound with more powerful bass than any $1000 CD player you’ve heard. Please note the BALANCED operation. The noise floor is lower, hence the background of the music is BLACK instead of gray.

XSP-1 Preamp: $1200



For just over a grand you get a great stereo BALANCED (& RCAs too, of course) preamp. With two BALANCED ins and outs, XSP-1 slays its competition. You get an excellent phono section which supports MM & MC. You get a subwoofer out which supports stereo or mono. You get tone controls which are defeatable. You get a five year warranty and a remote built like a brick. There is no better preamp value out there.

Emotiva XPS-1 back

XPA2G3 Power Amp: $1000, 300×2


Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? For a grand, you get 300×2 into 8 ohms, almost double into 4, and almost double into 2. You can guess by now it offers BALANCED or RCA operation. This series of power amps is even built in the USA with a five year warranty.
The amp is modular, so you can add more channels to top out at seven. Home theater is $1600 and 5×260!
The sound is cleaner and quieter than “the other guys” who typically only give you 125×2 with no balanced option for a grand. Did I mention this is built in the USA with a five year warranty?