Emotiva Speakers Are In Stock!

High value price/performance manufacturer Emotiva has introduced a new line of speakers featuring ribbon tweeters! Ribbon tweeters have long been recognized for their low mass/great speed- allowing fine detail to be heard in music.

Emo’s speakers are very detailed sounding as a consequence of the ribbon tweeter.
The sonic flavor is more open and airy, as opposed to darker/duller.

Efficiency is high, hence these speakers are very forgiving of inexpensive surround or stereo receivers! When we face the truth that most surround receivers don’t really don’t put out much water pressure, it’s a distinct advantage to have speakers that don’t need it.

T-1 Towers, $700 Per Pair

1” Ribbon Tweet, 5 1/4” Woven Fiber Mid, Two 6” Woven Fiber Woofs
37 5/8h, 8 3/8w, 11 5/8d, 41 lbs ea, 4 ohms
Comes with rubber feet and spikes
Crossover has film caps, air core inductors, precision resisters, bi-wire terminals- audiophile parts!
T-1s stand very well on their own, whether for two channel or home theater use. They produce a tight, punchy bass response and have the spacious top end you expect from a ribbon. Domes sound murky in comparison. I want to emphasize yet again, they rock with modest power. There is no better tower choice out there if you’re working with limited horse power!
But further… if you drive the T-1s with a solid amp, like the Emo A300 $400 (150×2), or A500 $500 (80×5), you’ll be surprised how much more performance they can deliver. The Emo power amps will outperform any receiver by a noticeable level.
Mark my words, T-1 is going to be a star in the speaker world, price/performance 2017!

B-1 Bookshelf, $300 Per Pair

1” Ribbon Tweet, 5 1/4” Woven Fiber Bass/Mid
10 3/4h, 7 1/8w, 8 1/4d, 8 ohms
B-1s have the same airy top end as T-1 above. Obviously you won’t get the same punch and growl that a tower provides. You’ll be very happy with the clarity and ambiance $300 per pair buys.


C-1 Center, $250 Each

1” Ribbon Tweet, Two 3” Woven Fiber Bass/Mid
8 3/8h, 20 1/2w, 8 1/4d, 4 ohms
Solid choice as matching center, or left/center/right usage.

E-1 Slim Line Wall Mounts, $270 Per Pair

1” Ribbon Tweet, 4” Woven Fiber Bass/Mid
Keyhole Mounting provision
13h, 6 1/4w, 4d, 8 ohms
What a smart addition! Many people want to put a speaker ON a wall, or on a shelf hugging the wall behind it. E-1 is a sleeper in that it’s designed for this application and only protrudes 4 inches. When on or next to a wall, it sounds just about like B-1 and is less conspicuous in placement. Its keyhole mount system is easy to use and precludes the need for outboard brackets.


S-10 Powered Subwoofer $550

10” Down Firing Active Woofer, Aramid fiber cone, Cast Basket, 350w A/B amp
10” Front Firing Passive
16 1/8h, 14w, 15 7/8d, 53lbs
There’s plenty of punch from this brute!