Emotiva T-2 Speakers Are Bad Arse!

You don’t want to be genteel? You want your music/movies at high octane in big doses? You don’t care if your cabinets aren’t polite, demure and elegant enough to be put in the museum of modern art? OK, step aside and GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE!



T-2 Towers, $1000 Per Pair (42 1/16h, 10 11/16w, 12 1/4d, 57 lbs ea)

Enter the Emo T-2 tower. It’s been in the works a while and has finally landed. T-2 is the unabashed bigger brother to the already successful, moderately sized T-1 tower. Sneaking the term “bash” in here is appropriate as T-2 CAN BRING IT. To offer the sophistication of a ribbon tweeter on
top, while having significant impact down low, is a sweet combo.
T-2 is not for rockers only. T-2 is for listeners who want BIG sound regardless of the style of music they enjoy. If you want the orchestra or stand up bass to sound BIG, consider T-2.
Typically you would think you’d have to have a horn based system to produce a sound this big and bold. With that, comes the SHOUT and pain you get from horns. We accept that (reluctantly) in a rockin’ club or Miller Park. I don’t want that in my living room. T-2 marries the resolution of a ribbon to a heavy hitting cabinet for a grand.







Nuts & Bolts

T-2 shares the same Ribbon Tweeter and Midrange 5 1/4” Woven Fiber Cone driver as T-1. But T-2 is a bigger, heavier, stronger enclosure featuring two 8” Woven Fiber woofers instead of two 6s.
The cabinet uses a one inch HDF front baffle- thick and strong for driver loading. To be clear, Emo takes a solid slab of HDF and machines it to size for T-2’s face. Sides and rear panels are 3/4”. The cabinet is internally braced. The front face is beveled to control dispersion. T-2 uses multiple coats of black lacquer finish. This finish resists finger prints and scratches. The side panels save money with black laminate. Grills are magnetic- which you can use, or not- your call. T-2 has bi-amp/bi-wire terminals if you choose to go THERE.

There Is Something To Be Said…

For a sound that is immensely powerful and dynamic. If your music has that personality you probably want a speaker to set it free. T-2 unabashedly GOES FOR IT! Emo has spent the money in the cabinet structure, drivers and crossover. If this big dog was in an opulent Euro built cabinet we’d be talking three times the price.
The extra bang for your buck over T-1 yields more thunder and yep, more fun. If your budget tops out at $1k, you like to let ‘er rip on occasion and are not adverse to a good sized tower, bring on the new T-2.