Fighting Trim!

NAD Integrated Amp & CD Player

Here’s a combo from NAD that is lean, sleek, and delivers a knockout punch to its competitors! Each unit is under 3” tall. This “stack” won’t take up much of your shelf space
yet offers serious hi-fi performance.

NAD C338 Integrated Amp $650: 50×2 (200w peaks! 2 13/16h, 17 1/8w, 11 1/4d)


NAD amplifiers have always been known for delivering a big punch. NAD employs its patented PowerEnvelope, PowerDrive and Soft Clipping technologies to allow them to step away from their price range. NAD amps are comfortable with difficult impedances. NAD’s punch is legendary.
The new C338 integrated amp adds new features, where NAD hasn’t gone before. When you combine these useful features with the classic NAD “left hook”- NAD integrateds offer a better value than ever.
C338 is rated at 50×2. That’s into 8 ohms at .003% THD. It will hit peaks of 200w! It will even drive a two ohm load, meaning you can run literally any speaker out there, and toss on virtually any sub at line or speaker level. This provides unmatched flexibility for $650.
C338 includes a high quality MM phono section
C338 has two standard analog inputs
C338 has an on board DAC with 2 OPT and 2 Coax inputs.
C338 has Wifi.
C338 has Blue tooth.
C338 has Google Cast
C338 has a control ap so you can run it from your phone.
C338 has subwoofer out
C338 has a BASS EQ control to muscle up modest speakers


NAD C516BEE CD Player $300: (2 3/4h, 17 1/8w, 9 13/16d)

C516BEE is the industry de facto, class winner at $300. With 24/192 Cirrus Logic Delta/Sigma DAC, C516BEE and hand tuned line stage, it sports more serious hardware than “the other guys” at this echelon. It loads quickly and quietly.
While its analog stage is outstanding, it does provide OPT and Coax outs as well.
Musically, C516BEE is not the least bit bright or irritating. It is smooth and detailed. It provides a perfect mate for C338!