GoldenEar Super Sub X Now In!

GoldenEar Super Sub X Now In! $1250 (12 3/4h, 14w, 13 1/4d)


SuperSub X

SuperSub X

Since GoldenEar opened its doors in 2009, it has vanquished literally every other subwoofer manufacturer. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, performance for size, I’ll stack up the GoldenEar subs vs anybody’s! Further, because we sell a lot of them, I can also brag up that GE subs have better reliability than any we have sold, which includes fine subs from Paradigm, B&W and Velodyne over the years. From what I hear from my friends in the business who sell other brands, there’s nobody out there with GE’s track record of reliability.

In terms of price/performance/reliability, there’s been no better sub choice than GoldenEar since the day they rolled out.
In 2015 GoldenEar brought out Super Sub XXL for $2k. That one product changed the landscape of the subwoofer market all by its lonesome. Aptly dubbed “King Kong in a tuxedo” (I wish I was smart enough to come up with that!) Super Sub XXL absolutely THROTTLED the competition. Over night we had a sub that could hit harder than anything else, and yet still behave for music lovers.

Super Sub XXL created a new concept in subwoofer design. It’s a DUAL PLANE sub, with opposing 12” active drivers, right and left. Top and bottom elements are Quadratic Infrasonic Radiators. When driven by its 1600w amp and controlled by DSP technology, XXL forged new territory. It is PATENTED!

Being the spoiled brats that we are (guilty as charged!), we dealers all called Sandy at GoldenEar and begged for something a little smaller and less expensive. XXL is 17 5/8h, 19 3/4w and 15 7/8d. That’s fine for most good sized rooms. But… how about something a tad smaller?

It took a year. And now, we have Super Sub X! At $1250, Super Sub X is exactly what you would expect, a little brother to King Kong. Super Sub X uses two opposing 8” drivers, with top/bottom 10 ½ x 9 ½ Quadratic Infrasonic Radiators driven by a 1400w amp, controlled by DSP!

You’re getting GE’s PATENTED DUAL PLANE technology, with a lot of hardware in the package, at a wife friendly size.

In terms of punch, Super Sub X can BRING IT! It delivers serious muscle for music or theater performance. The performance eclipses anything we’ve heard short of 2k, and it comes with GE’s
proven reliability.
While XXL set the standard, Super Sub X brings it to a smaller, more affordable strata.