GoldenEar SuperSub XXL, Rocks Da House!

GoldenEar SuperSub XXL $2k, Rocks Da House!

There are a lot of strong subs on the market. We as hobbyists are quite spoiled to have this array of products to choose from. It wasn’t that long ago that we had to buy 12” passive subs in a box, and cobble together our own arrangement of a crossover and amp. How far we’ve come!

SuperSub XXL at $2k is my idea of a FEROCIOUS value. While there are other “strong” subs out there, nobody gives you the nuts and bolts = performance, of GoldenEar! Further, we’ve never had to repair a SuperSub XXL and we’ve sold a pile of them. There’s no other brand we’ve ever sold that has GoldenEar’s track record of reliability! First let’s look at the XXL.

GoldenEar SuperSub models have patented technology to exceed the performance you can get from a “driver in a box.” While the driver in a box has been the industry M.O. for thirty years, you can do better. Technology has moved on. GoldenEar has a more sophisticated game plan. It’s patented and they’re the only company doing all this at any price! At $2k, the value is, well, ferocious- just like the sound of XXL.

SuperSub XXL has opposing 12” long throw drivers. The purpose of having the OPPOSING woofers is to cancel extraneous bass energy. GoldenEar goes further. GoldenEar also has opposing Quadratic Radiators, top and bottom. On board is a super high powered amp of 1500w with 56bit DSP technology- which keeps the system under control. These opposing drive elements along with the massive cabinet and amplifier, provide tremendously deep bass without booming. The other guys, simply cannot accomplish this level of tight bass because their designs are a derivative of a driver in a box.

Put your hand on XXL when it plays. You barely feel ANYTHING. Put your hand on any other brand, even at a low volume, and it wants to dance around your floor. That tells you a LOT. The GoldenEar is pushing all of its energy into music or movie content. The other guys have a fair amount of miscellaneous, uncontrolled energy going on while they’re playing.

Here are a few competitors who have been around a while. While they all make strong subs, nobody provides the power, technology and performance of GoldenEar, much less to do it all for $2k.

  • Paradigm
    For $3k you get a 12” with a 1000w amp.
  • JL
    For $1900 you get a 12 with a 1500w amp
  • Velodyne
    For $3800 you get a 12” with a 1250w amp
  • SVS
    For $1500 you get a 13.5” with a 1200w amp
    For $2500 you get a 16” with a 1500w amp

SuperSub X

GoldenEar SuperSub-XXL