GoldenEar Triton 3+ Home Theater


GoldenEar Triton 3+ Home Theater: $4750

GoldenEar is making perhaps the most innovative line of speakers in our biz! The designs are based around GE’s unique, ribbon tweeter design. The ribbon tweeter is about as close to mass-less as you can get. GE’s have superb, feather like detail- without being the least bit bright.

GE speakers image more precisely than anybody else out there. They are more forgiving about lousy room placement than any other speaker. To top it off, each Triton 3+ tower has a built in subwoofer- so you simply DON’T NEED an out board sub- unless you’re pounding hard in a basement environment.

Each sub, in each tower, is driven by its own 800w amp. You’ve read that right-800w! Most stand alone subwoofers that run $1000 have a 300w amp. Triton 3+ uses much more power, both to control the sound and to assure you won’t over drive the sub very easily. In the typical scenario of a 300w sub amp, you stress that amp when you drive it hard. It’s no wonder the industry standard 300w hybrid amps almost always fail in 6-8 years!

The way to go is to mate the Triton 3+ towers with matching center and surrounds- all of which
use the innovative ribbon tweeter. Convince your wife to live with towers in your living room home theater. They’re sleek, attractive, and not very big. They will please you musically, and movie wise.
This is a cost effective package that is domestically friendly and has great sound!


Speakers: $3750

R&L Front:

GoldenEar Triton 3+ Towers (built in subs!) $2500 per pair


GoldenEar SuperCenter X $600


GoldenEar Invisa 650s $650 per pair



Invisa 650


Surround Receiver: $1000

Marantz SR-5012, 100×7

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it. You can, but… showing off our gear is what we like to do best. That’s the fun part of our biz!

Stop in to take a test drive with this GoldenEar Theater. You’ll be asking where we’ve hidden the huge subwoofer. Really, you will!