Great Cheap Stereo Separates!

Affordable stereo separates owned the last century. We’re seeing plenty of separates these days, but at the super duper high end. Have you had a look at the audio rags lately?!
I’m delighted to say we have some brand new, stunningly good CHEAP stereo separates for you bargain hounds. If you want performance a cut above a modestly priced integrated amp or receiver, we’ve got your gear! Warranty is 3 years P&L.


Emotiva PT-100 Preamp/DAC/Tuner $300


How about a full featured Preamp/DAC/Tuner with phono section for 3 bills?! Yes, $300. You should squint to make sure you’re reading this accurately. I did!
The preamp sets the table for the power amp. The power amp is the steak. The preamp is the seasoning. PT-100 hits the nail on the head with clean, dynamic performance that will please the cheapest of the cheapskates!
Because it’s a preamp, it keeps your options open to move many different directions going forward. As good as the PT-100 is, an even BETTER value is the A-300 power amp below.


Emotiva BasX A-300 Power Amp $400
150×2 (8 ohms), 300×2 (4 ohms)

Emotiva A-300 Stereo Amp

The new Emo A-300 is absolutely embarrassing! Um, what I mean to say is, it EMBARRASSES all but the biggest of the big boys!

With huge 360Va toroidal transformer and 8 output transistors, A-300 should be selling for closer to $1000 than $500. And yet it’s only $400!

The sound is clean- cuts through lumpy crossover networks. The bass is ROBUST, kickin’!
And it has soul.

A-300 back

Lake Street Dive is a band I really enjoy. The sound is a blend of rock, and jazz. The instrumentation is sparse. Buy the Fun Machine EP with six classic rock tunes, with LSD’s secret sauce.

My favorite tune is “I Want You Back”. It starts with stand up bass fiddle, brings in the trumpet, which leads to the voice, and fills with the drums. What a fantastic rendition of a classic rock song! LSD delivers it with magic. And this can be derived by $700 worth of separates driving any number of fine speakers by GoldenEar, Bryston, Magnepan or Elac.

$700 will drive speakers up to about the Bryston A2. Give these new Emos a listen!