Great Preamp Processor for $1400!

Marantz SR-6011, $1400

You want heavyweight amplification. There’s no receiver than can match the blood and guts of a dedicated power amp. How can you beat an Emotiva XPA-5? It runs $1000, 200×5. There’s no cheating in that 200×5 rating by the way. That’s with all channels driven, 8 ohms, 20-20k. No baloney. The warranty is 5 years and it sounds great! It can run any speakers out there.

You’re looking for a nice preamp processor too. You want HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2. You want Dolby Atmos just in case you go there. You want nice sound. You want a reliable unit with a nice warranty (3 years). You want something that won’t be worth zero when you move up some day down the road. Please meet Marantz’s SR-6010.Marantz_SR6010_rear

We know that having big time muscle is vital to get the most out of any speakers. All receivers cheat in their power ratings. They don’t do the claimed power, ALL CHANNELS DRIVEN. They’re lucky to do claimed power in stereo. Hence your typical 100×5 receiver really produces 50-70 watts per channel in real world power. Sorry to burst your bubble. But that’s why you want an Emo XPA-5. No receiver can touch it.

We know technology is a moving target. No matter what you buy today, in a future AV generation, you’ll want to replace it. That’s just reality. What I want you to do is buy a T-Rex power amp, and mate it with an affordable pre-pro.

The problem is, only a small percentage of people buy separates in the theater domain. No matter what pre-pro it is… no matter how good it is, given that we’re talking separates, no company will ever sell a boatload. The economies of scale will never work for you big time.

Now, in a power amp, the sky is brighter blue. If you buy a dynamite amp like the Emo, it’s good forever. You don’t need to replace it when you move up with pre-pro technological changes. Thus, Emo offers super value in its power amps. Have no fear. It will be in your system for eons.

As for the pre-pro… we can’t say the same thing. When Dolby Atmos was introduced, for example, it was a huge step forward in technology and FUN! I want it.

Atmos for the home can be coded for two channels (no thanks), or four. Ya gotta have four! It sounds so much better! And this is why specifically, the SR-6011 makes sense. It’s a high quality piece that decodes 4 Atmos channels. You can run 5.1.4, or 7.1.4. You’re ready.

If you read the fine print, you’ll see that SR-6011 is a receiver, with pre outs of course. Consequently it’s all set to use as a pre-pro. They thought of you! It has 7×110 of power on board. Because it’s a receiver, they make THOUSANDS. Not so with ANY pre-pro.

In SR-6011 you get the economies of scale working for you = affordable pricing. If SR-6011 was made specifically as a pre-pro, it would cost more than $1400 because Marantz would sell so few of them. Let’s make this reality of doing business work to your advantage.

Get a Ferrari of an amp like an Emotiva. Run SR-6011 as your pre-pro. You get separates’ performance. You even have the extra power channels in the SR-6010 available for the Atmos speakers if you like.

When you change pre-pros in 8-10 years, SR-6011 will have some value because as a receiver, it can appeal to many more potential buyers. An old pre-pro has zero value. The only people that want a pre-pro want the latest greatest features.

In summary, we are happy to endorse separates for home theater. The Emo power amp choice is easy. But rather than ask you to spend $2200 on up for a pre-pro that will be worth nada in several years, I want you to get SR-6011 so your options are wide open!

Emotiva XPA-5