Headphone Heaven

Just back in stock are the Bryston BHA-1, $1700, headphone amp and the Audeze LCD-X, $1700, headphones. These two products are fine sellers for us, with good reason!

First of all, it’s a perfect combo for listeners who want edge of the art sound but don’t have the green light for big $, big speakers or loud volume. Maybe you don’t have room or money for big speakers. Maybe your spouse doesn’t want you to drive her nuts with your music. This combo of gear is the perfect solution.
Audeze LCD-X


First let me tell you about the Audeze LCD-X. You have read all the headphone reviews out there and have watched all the YouTube videos talking about headphones. Some models have loud bass, but the midrange is not very clear. Some models have super midrange detail and have “tight” bass. This usually means, the bass isn’t deep. Well, the Audeze LCD-X has it all. It has deep, controlled and detailed bass. Who wants to listen to Electronica without the bass impact? The midrange is detailed and airy without being pushed back by the bass. The high end is just right. It’s not rolled off or so bright you can’t listen for very long.



The Audeze LCD-X phones sound great playing right out of your phone or iPad. They sound even better with the ¼ inch plug. For state of the art performance, LCD-X runs with Balanced connections into BHA-1.






Bryston BHA-1 Black
This leads me to the Bryston BHA-1 Headphone Amp/PreAmp. It’s got a stereo mini in. Your phone or Ipad goes directly in. It’s got RCA or Balanced in for your CD player. It’s got Balanced out so you could add an amp if you want. BHA-1 takes a back seat to NOBODY as a stand alone preamp! It has ¼ jack on the front and Balanced jacks (single and dual). Brystons’ BHA-1 blows away everything else we have heard, and we have heard ALOT of headphone amps.

It’s so disappointing to hear something that has “dedicated headphone section” and it doesn’t sound any better than your standard receiver. The above combo is FANTASTIC! Everyone who hears it is blown away. Stop in soon to hear it for yourself. Weather the music is Bach, Beyonce, or Black Sabbath. This combo does it all. We have a stereo mini plug for your phone and a CD player hooked up to BHA-1. Bring in your own music or we have CD’s here to play. Prepare to have your headphone world rocked!