Hegel H-360 Integrated Amp Now In!

Hegel H-360 Integrated Amp, $5700 (250×2)

Hegel H-360 front

Hegel’s new H-360 raises the bar from its vaunted predecessor, the H-300. H-300 has been on my short list of favorite amplifier products for a few years. That includes integrateds and separates. Since most of us have a budget to adhere to, my experience has been that speakers demand the lion’s share of your investment. The H-360 is very high on the scale of diminishing returns performance. Do you need to spend more on electronics?

The power rating remains the same at 250×2. However, the dynamics and clarity have been improved due to a 50% stronger transformer and a new, beefed up version of Hegel’s patented Sound Engine technology. Damping factor has been improved to an industry crushing spec of 4000!

Noise floor has been lowered due to: a separate transformer for preamp and DAC, and new balanced inputs from the P30 reference preamp. These upgrades lower the noise floor to virtually unmeasurable and reveal the most subtle of musical flavors.

H-360 uses Apple AirPlay. Hegel’s master clock brings AirPlay to a new level of performance. H-360 has Upnp streaming. USB input supports DSD64/128. On board AKM DACs are latest, edge of the art parts.

Inputs: One Coax, 3 Optical, USB, RJ45, XLR analog, RCA analog. Outputs: RCA Fixed, RCA Variable. Has HT pass through loop.

Hegel H-360 back