Hegel Integrated Amp Promo

Hegel Audio of Norway has earned raves with its line of integrated amplifiers. Their DACs,
current dumping design, and high damping factor make them among the best sounding integrateds
at ANY price point. Yep, they compete with Levinson, Krell, Bryston and the big boys- at half the price.

Hegel has announced that two new models are coming. They will have less power and will cost more than two of the existing models. Time marches on.

While we know they’ll be wonderful, so are the current models. I encourage you to save a few bucks on the current units while we have stock. In store specials extant!

The goal of a better integrated amp is to give the illusion that it has pulled the grill cloth off your speaker. Hegel will make it sound like you’ve done just that. Vocals have more air and space. Transient attacks are cleaner- on piano, guitar & percussion. Everything is more IMMEDIATE, more like the musicians are in the room with you.

Stop in or call if you’re thinking about upgrading your integrated amp.

Hegel H80 $2000 Regular Price

Hegel H80
At 80×2, the H80 will drive any speaker nicely. Power virtually doubles into 4 ohms, so there’s a little extra push for Brystons and Maggies. With edge of the art DAC, balanced and unbalanced inputs, H80 is unsurpassed as a musical performer for $2k!



Hegel H160 $3800 Regular Price

Hegel H160
At 150×2, the H160 will drive any speaker very well. A recent review found H160 driving the $200k Wilson Alexandrias. The reviewer said he couldn’t be sure he wasn’t listening to his stack of separates that sell for over $150k!

H160 is tremendously musical and authoritative. And yep, it sounds markedly stronger, though similar in character, to H80 above. With Airplay, DLNA, huge damping factor and plug and play DAC, H160 is a breeze to run your system.