Hegel Mohican CD Player, $5000

Hegel’s new Mohican (Last of the Mohicans!) is an ACTUAL CD PLAYER. In other words, the Mohican plays CDs PERIOD. It is optimized for CDs and reveals more music than any other disc player we have encountered.


There are zillions of CDs out there. You probably own a boat load of them, even if you’ve saved them to your computer. Did you know there’s more INFORMATION on those CDs than you’ve ever heard?

I know that you saved your CDs to the computer for convenience. That’s fine. When you’re not listening critically, that’s good enough. But when you’re willing to invest 100% of your attention into the music, sorry, your computer IS NOT going to give you all there is to hear. If you are willing to give your CDs a chance to shine their brightest, consider Mohican. If you want the best that CD has to offer, no clicks/pops, no hiss, great dynamic range and convenience, Mohican could make sense for you.

Hegel contends that to get THE MOST out of the sound of a CD, the player has to be built to play CDs alone. Efforts to play other disc formats compromise the performance of Red Book discs, the correct species term for CDs. Offering digital inputs from outboard sources compromises CD playing performance.

Hegel starts with a CD drive mechanism made specifically for CDs. Nothing else! Hegel creates its own servo boards. Hegel uses the latest 16/44 chipsets working in native operation, no upsampling resulting in digitized the sound. Hegel designs its own digital clock. Mohican uses its latest edition. Hegel controls this clock with its patented Sound Engine technology, forcing jitter to virtually immeasurable levels.

Musically, the Mohican sounds very natural and effortless. The music is fluid. It doesn’t sound “digital.” Compared to other machines that play CDs, Mohican plays the music without hard digital “edges.”

When we played our Mohican I noticed several things. The detail among voices is clearer. When playing the Judds and Emmy Lou Harris on “The Sweetest Gift” you can easily follow each of the three voices. You can do it with ease. You can easily discern the harmony among the singers and the lilt of each voice. The guitar has gorgeous overtones to go along with a tender TOUCH. It allows you to hear the space around the performers more clearly as well.

In short, the Mohican doesn’t play louder or faster. It DOES make CDs sound less congested. Regardless of the musical genre, sorting out the details more clearly results in MORE ENJOYMENT. You can appreciate the nuance of each musician better. What lovely “talent!”

Mohican has outputs of XLR and RCA’s. It also has a true 75 ohm BNC output.