High Octane Speakers

Everybody wants a sound system that sounds “good.” Not everyone demands a system that sounds REAL. For those of you who do, read on.

Part of presenting a music system that sounds REAL is the ability to produce HIGH OCTANE sound. If you visit a jazz club to hear a trio, the MSO, or even a singer at open mic night with a guitar, you’re going to hear a much more dynamic and impactful sound than what most hifi’s can produce.

As a classical piano lover first and foremost, I can promise there aren’t many systems that can produce the feel of a real, “live” grand piano. I play my Baldwin M grand every day and can tell you first hand, it produces a dynamic contrast that even the best systems have trouble keeping up with.

If your goal is to make it seem like the performers are actually in your room, performing for you, getting speakers that can produce lifelike dynamics is job one on your search list. There’s no better choice than the Bryston Model T Series of speakers.

Model T, $7900 per pair
Model T is the top model in the Bryston family. It uses three massive 8” woofs that make competitors look like toys. Even well known, highly reputed competitors are often pip squeaks in comparison. The Model T uses two Ceramic Coated mids and two Titanium tweets to share the work load. This large column of testosterone filled drivers is necessary to make it real.
You’ll find many competitors, $50-75k per pair, using two ScanSpeak 8s, with a mid and a tweet. The Bryston T buries these expensive competitors (oooh, they use metallic automotive paint!) in terms of dynamic contrast and lifelike weight of sound.
Am I saying the Model T has much more substantial driver & cabinet design than competitors who sell for $50k per pair? Yes! Absolutely!


Middle T, $5700 per pair
Middle T is a step down in size and price, not quality. Using two of the 8s, one of the mids and one of the tweeters, Middle T is unsurpassed at its price point.


Model T mini
Mini T, $3400 per pair
Mini T is hardly MINI. It uses one 8, one mid and one tweeter. When you hear Mini T you’ll think you’re hearing a big tower.

Bryston speakers have a 20 year warranty! The performance is dynamic and powerful. Of course they will reward you for putting great gear in front of them. Most competitors will be out of warranty in 5 years and worn out in ten.