If You Work For A Living…

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I enjoy reading audio magazines like most hobbyists. It is sometimes, even fun reading about ridiculously priced speakers, for example. But by and large, the magazines have left those of us who work for a living in the dust. They’re not even trying to help those of us who work for a living make sense of what to BUY. They’re no longer our advocate.

In the July 2017 issue of Stereophile, here are some of the items reviewed.

-A fancy tube phono preamp for $12,000.
-An updated turntable for $18k (hey, it even comes with a tonearm!)
-An 8 channel DAC for $3900, no MQA
-A music server for $5k that’ll be obsolete in two years
-A pair of monoblock amps for $30k
-ANOTHER pair of monoblock amps for $30k!
-A tube preamp for $23k

There are two exceptions.
-A $2k turntable that comes with a tonearm bought off the shelf from another vendor.
-A $750 DAC- without MQA.

Why do the magazines that have an annual subscription of $14 write about such over-the-top gear?

One reason is, the guys who make this crazy expensive gear- gladly loan it out for review. It’s free advertising for them. The magazine has something to write about.

The next reason is, if the reviewer chooses to buy the product that’s in for review, he buys it for a fraction of dealer cost. When is the last time you saw a reviewer say WHAT HE PAID for an item he purchased? That’s what I thought.

Hence the guy writing the review isn’t invested much at all. He’s not looking at the gear from the consumer perspective of value. He’s hooking it up to his similarly attained, invariably over the top gear. He’s comparing the item under scrutiny vs like minded/priced alternatives.

I know I’m an old codger. But I much preferred the days when the mags spent 90% of their energy on gear we could afford.

Emotiva ERC-3

Emotiva ERC-3, CD Player $500


Emotiva XSP-1, Preamp $1200

Emotiva XPA2-G3, Stereo Poweramp $1000

Magnepan MG .7

Magnepan MG.7 Speakers $1400pr.