Improve Your Hearing For $40

You’ve spent thousands on AV gear. You’re open to new products to improve your system. You appreciate how a great audio system can enhance your quality of life. But what have you done to improve your hearing?

Most of us that have reached a certain age have developed some level of wax build up in our ears. When’s the last time you had it cleaned out? That’s what I thought.

In 2003 I had my first physical since high school hockey. Yeah, I know, a little late at age 50.
My hearing was fine, but I asked the doc to look in my ears because I was there. He said, there’s a little wax build up, no big deal. I asked if it could be cleaned out in his office. He didn’t seem too thrilled about it, saying, we hate to mess with ear canals. But that wasn’t a NO. I said, well, if you can clean it out, let’s go for it. I’d like to be sure my hearing is the best it can be. His nurse came in with a small jar of warm water and a syringe. She blasted away and a gol dang bowling ball of wax came out! I couldn’t believe it. Each ear produced wax the size of a pebble. And yet I hadn’t heard any degradation of frequency response. Ah, but after this procedure, I definitely heard better. High frequencies in particular were more extended.

Fast forward to 2017. I woke up one morning with my right ear being clogged. You know- that water in the ear feeling after swimming. I messed about with my finger and it got better. Hence the problem had to be mechanical. I thought of the two bowling balls of wax that came out in 2003. I bought an over the counter product at Walgreens, put a few drops in the ear and used the implement that came with it- to dislodge some wax. I was good to go. I thought. But a couple days later, the same problem occurred. Clearly I hadn’t fully cleaned the canal.

I checked pricing with the family doc and ENT. To see either would be $300-400. It might well be worth it. But then I remembered seeing an audiology clinic on my running path. I called to get the price for an appointment- which included cleaning out ear wax. $40.

I made an appointment with:

Hart Hearing Care Center
11030 N Pt Washington Rd
Mequon, Wi. 53092

The nurse took a look and saw wax. She used warm water to soften the wax and picked the debris out with a lighted implement. One ear took a minute, the other about three.
In a very quick visit for $40, I could hear an immediate improvement. $40 well spent!!

Fast forward one year. Yup, my right ear became clogged again. I messed with my over the counter kit and it didn’t help. Back to Hart Hearing and $40 later I’m cleaned out and hearing GREAT again. The nurse recommends I visit every six months to stay ahead of the problem.

I suggest you put it on your list to check out!