Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes – Owner

Dave Holmes
I started Audio Emporium in 1977. The love of music brought me into this biz. I have been very fortunate to make a living at a fun hobby. I’ve seen a lot of AV businesses go bust in Milwaukee since 1977!

My involvement with music is greater than ever. The masters are probably spinning when they hear me practice their works. As a lousy classical pianist, I can really appreciate the good ones. Having a terrific music system allows you to hear the tremendous array of nuances great musicians bring to their craft. I marvel at their skill and creativity. The products we sell let you bring this into your living room better than ever!

My father had Alzheimer’s by age 70. I’m being proactive in trying to avoid the disease. Thus far, no medicine helps.

There is hope (!!) that a combination of being physically fit and exercising the brain will forestall it. I run 4 miles every day (yes, you can run in sub-zero weather in Wisconsin!) and memorize the piano pieces I’m working on. You only exercise and play the piano on the days that you eat!

Mike ScottIn Memoriam: Mike Scott

Mike died Jan 18, 2006. He was driving home from work when a brain aneurysm took his life at the age of fifty. Typical of Mike’s generosity, he donated organs to seven people in need. This loss has hit us at AE very hard, personally & professionally. Mike had worked for AE since 1990.