An Integrated Amp To Lust For!

$400: Emotiva TA-100: (50×2, 8 ohms) 2 5/8h, 17w, 12 1.2d, 16 lbs

Emo’s TA-100 is too cheap. It’s so good and answers so many questions, that you should have one around your house. Buy one before Emo comes to its senses and raises the price to $500.

First of all, TA-100 has 50×2 into 8 ohms, class AB. That translates into 90×2 into 4 ohms. Comes with a remote.

Our industry has seen a handful of cute, Class D integrateds at $500 that sound downright wimpy. These tiny D guys are made to shake hands to your computer and won’t blow your nose. They get nice reviews in the rags for their features. The reviewers shamelessly ignore how sissy they sound. Further, they have goofy features like aux ins and sub outs with 1/8” mini jacks. REALLY?!

TA-100 has nice punch and will do a fine job with literally any speaker you’d likely pair it with. It has much gutsier sound than the D amps.

The features are RIDICULOUS for the money.

Inputs include:

Phono: MM or MC!
CD & Aux analog RCA ins
FM tuner on board!

Coax Digital
OPT Digital
USB-B Digital

Optional Bluetooth,$50

Outputs include:

R&L Main RCA Pre Outs
Two summed outs- to run 1 or 2 subs
Headphone jack on face
Nice Gold Plated Binding Posts for speaker connections that will accept bananas

In case you’ve missed the fine print:
TA-100 supports MM & MC phono
TA-100 has preamp outs in case you want to add a bigger amp some day

Emo sells PT-100, which is a preamp only, for $300. You’re only paying $100 more to
get the 50×2 AB amp to boot!