Isotek Solus $995


The Isotek Solus is a mains conditioner that has 6 outlets. The purpose of running your system into Solus isn’t just protection- it’s to improve your sound. The improvement is in definition and dynamics. It provides a distinct audible improvement by helping get power problems out of the road.

Solus comes with its own fine power cable called Initium. It sells a la carte for $100. Hence you start with Solus/Initium for a grand. We recommend you upgrade the cables on your CD player or source, preamp, amp, and/or integrated amp. Buy an Initium for each one at $100 each.

Solus is a very good value, though a step down from it’s bigger brother, Aquarius ($2000). If you can afford Aquarius, you should buy it. It comes with Isotek’s better power cable, the Premier ($150). Where Solus will make sense is… $2k is not in your budget and you don’t have a system over 200×2.

Solus is well worth its price. You don’t have to take my word for it. Reviewer Tony Bolton says it more eloquently than I can.