Killer Near Field System: QUAD!

Speakers: Quad S-1s $800pr PROMO PRICE (Reg price $1200pr)
11 1/8h, 6 1/8w, 9 1/2d


Listening to a system in the NEAR FIELD can be a treat. If you want to hear a singer, singing TO YOU, in an intimate space, a near field system is tough to beat.

Especially, if you are chained to your computer a fair amount of the day, take some pain and suffering out of your life with an exquisite music system.

For a near field system to do its magic, we start with small, gorgeously transparent speakers. This means we need a ribbon tweeter to provide air and space in spades. It would be nice if the speakers are attractive. They need to be small enough to work on a desk or shelves. The Quad S-1 is just the ticket for this application!

S-1s are gorgeous, even at a low volume. Some speakers only wake up when you hit ‘em hard. That’s not the goal of a near field system. We’re looking for breathy detail. Air. Space. Ambiance. We want to hear the transient attack of a skilled pianist or guitar player. S-1s shine at all the afore mentioned attributes. There is a special promo price now of $800pr (down from the regular $1200pr).
Snare some S1’s now at the promo price.

















Integrated Amp: Quad Vena $1000 (3 3/4h, 12 5/8w, 12d)
The Quad Vena integrated is an ideal mate for the S-1s. At 45×2 Class AB, Vena is warmer than
all the tiny D

amps out there. Vena has a wide array of inputs for whatever your source is. What a great partner for the wonderful S1s!

Optical 1&2
Two analog inputs
Blue Tooth
Has Pre Outs as well

For only $1800 on the current promo, you can get a killer Quad near field system!