Killer Office System By Quad!

One of the most venerable names in the audio biz is Quad of England. Peter Walker started the biz in 1936 creating PA systems for vocalists to sing over bands/orchestras. After WWII he went into the home audio biz. His first speaker in 1951 was the Corner Ribbon. Peter was wayyyyy ahead of his time!

The Corner Ribbon was a triangular cabinet to place in a corner of the room, with 12” cone woofer and a ribbon tweeter. The audio press was quite impressed with this cutting edge, blending of technology, cone bass-mid and ribbon tweeter. The ribbon tweeter attained clarity traditional tweeters still can’t match! Quad has continued to refine this technology as you might have guessed. Fast forward to today, and we have a line of Quad speakers using Kevlar bass-mid drivers and ribbon tweeters!

Unique compared to most affordable ribbon designs, the Quad features a metalized diaphragm controlled by push/pull magnets. There are many so called ribbon tweeters on the market today that are pieces of this, glued to pieces of that, without equal magnetic control to push/pull the diaphragm. Quad insists on doing it the purist way for best performance.

Quad bass-mids are made of Kevlar so they’re very strong. You can get more impact out of these Quads than you would envision for the size of the drive elements.

The real wood FINISH of the speaker line is exceptional. You can get the speakers in Sapele Mahogany or Black Ash. They’re both fine finishes, but the Mahogany is especially luscious.

Quad makes a small, killer integrated amp called the Vena. $1000. It pumps out 45×2 of Class AB power. Its on board DAC supports: Opt 1 & 2, Coax, USB-B, USB-A, AptX, and two RCA analog ins. There isn’t a phono input. Vena has a set of pre outs to add a subwoofer or stronger power amp. It comes with remote.

The combo of the Vena integrated amp and the Quad S-1 speakers makes for a KILLER OFFICE SYSTEM, or even more if you choose to add a sub or muscle up the power amp. The sound of S-1 is surprisingly full in the bass. The ribbon tweeter is transparent and airy.

All told, for only $1800 you’re ALL IN with a marvelous integrated amp and gorgeous set of loudspeakers!

Models:quad s1 mahogany
Quad S-1 Speakers, $800 per pair, Mahogony or Black Ash (11 1/8h, 6 1/8w, 9 1/2d)
4” Kevlar bass-mid driver and 2 1/4” Ribbon Tweeter.



quad s2 speakers_web
Quad S-2 Speakers, $1000 per pair, Mahogany or Black Ash (13 3/8h, 7 1/4w, 10 3/8d)
5” Kevlar bass-mid driver and 2 1/4” Ribbon Tweeter



quad vena mahogony front_web

Vena Integrated Amp, $1000, Mahogany or Piano Black (3 3/4h, 12 5/8w, 12d)
45×2 Class AB Amp, OPT 1&2, Coax, USB-B, USB-A, AptX, 2 RCA analog ins, ¼ headphone jack. Has pre out for sub or stronger amp.
quad vena mahogony rear_web