Killer Theater

Killer Theater!

There are a million and one ways to put together a home theater. We have, on display, a new package of gear that is exceptionally KILLER at a very fair price. We have achieved new levels of performance, approaching state of the art, at mid level pricing.

We’re going to leave the VIDEO (flat panel or projector) to you. We can talk till we’re blue in the face about video, but we find “everybody” just buys the biggest flatscreen they can find at the cheapest possible price from Go nuts!

Marantz AV-8802 Pre-Pro $4000

Marantz AV-8802
Marantz has just introduced its edge of the art AV-8802 pre-pro ($4000). With more features than you can shake a stick at, AV-8002 is the most up to date pre-pro you can buy AND has superb sonics. The great sonics are due to superior parts choices and attention to detail like Marantz’s HDAM technology- that you don’t get with mass merchandisers. Let’s put this in perspective.
If price is no object, you buy the Bryston SP-3 pre-pro, $9900. It is unparalleled in sound quality but doesn’t offer a number of features our customers are asking for. (Bluetooth, Wifi, HD Radio, Atmos, Audyssey, Web Interface to name a few).
In AV-8802 Marantz is competitive in sound with the best of the best- and DOES have the goodies you want too. The main reason the Marantz is so much less money is that you have economies of scale working for you and… Marantz builds these in their top factory in Japan.
Bryston, Anthem, McIntosh and the North American guys do a great job, but build small quantities here. It just doesn’t permit up to date feature sets and ameliorated pricing.

Marantz MM-8077 Power Amp, $2400, 7x150w

Marantz MM-8077
Marantz’s MM-8077 power amp is very special. When compared to a Bryston or McIntosh, it’s a fraction of the price. The Bryston in particular is a nice step up in terms of detail, but we know you work for a living and money matters. We’re happy to save you a few bucks in the power amp so you can put it into better speakers!
The quality of the transformer, filter caps, output devices & copper chassis… is downright luscious for the price. The amp channels are flexible to use as you see fit- a nice option in a 5 channel system where you want to multi-amp the R&L front channels for a little more courage.
This Marantz combo does support XLR interlinks and provides outstanding, full flavored surround sound. Watching concerts or movies through this duo is just about as good as it gets, and the price is less than half of its legit competition.

Marantz UD-5007 Universal Disc Player $600

Marantz UD-5007
A well built disc player is still the best source for your system. The Marantz plays blu-rays, DVDs, SACDs and CDs. The transport is solid and has a three year warranty. The best source IN provides the best result OUT.

Bryston Speakers

Bryston Family
You wouldn’t be doing a theater of this magnitude if you didn’t want to test the octane once in a while. Bryston speakers blend weighty sound with a smooth top end to rival the sweetest of the sweet. And the warranty is TWENTY YEARS!
We’ll have a rotating array of Brystons in various sizes and configurations- as we hone in on your price range!