Killer Two Channel – System 1

System Price $13,220

Magnepan MG 3.7

Speakers: Magnepan MG-3.7i $6000pr

The Magnepan MG-3.7i presents a box-less sound. That’s probably because it isn’t coming from a box! The QUASI RIBBON technology that Magnepan employs for the woof and mid of this speaker pushes the edge to the art. The TRUE RIBBON tweeter pushes the state of the art.

Maggies provide speed, detail and a life sized image, unlike anything else out there. They need to be away from the back wall several feet. They need a real amp to drive them. So what?!

Part of our hobby is for the person that wants to put the most lifelike musical presentation in your room. That precludes stuffing speakers into corners or on shelves. In short, MG-3.7i is for the serious music lover who will make no apology for accommodating the system!


Peach Tree Grand Integrated

Integrated Amp: PeachTree Grand Integrated $4500, 440×2

PeachTree’s Grand Integrated is one of the best values in the electronics world! Any speaker, I don’t care which one, benefits from more power all things being equal. MG-3.7i above is about 86dB SPL and benefits from a Ferrari engine, as opposed to a VW.

Grand Integrated uses Sabre’s top DAC as a starting point. It knocks computer or CD jitter from approximately 5000 Pico Seconds down to about THREE. Sabre is unsurpassed in cleaning out debris from your digital source.

Next, Grand Integrated has a discrete preamp section that employs two AU12 tubes that you can activate or not. Yep, it’s up to YOU to be a solid state or tube listener. How smart is that?!

The muscle is 440×2, a true Niagra Falls power amp. The amp alone might well sell for $4500. Since the Maggies present a 4 ohm load, Grand Integrated produces an enormous flow of over 650×2!

Musically, the Grand has a super fast, controlled, muscular sound. It doesn’t sound soft or tubby. It’s a great match with any speaker, but the better the speaker, the more you’ll appreciate the Grand Integrated!

Marantz SA-15S2 SACD Player

Marantz SA-15S2 SACD Player, $2000

There are numerous ways to get hi-res audio to your system. In this system we’re recommending a great disc player so you can just toss in an SACD (or CD), to unlock gigantic packages of information- which come out as beautiful music!


Black Velvet Interconnect Cable

Interconnect Cables: Black Velvet, Three, for $100ea= $300

There are many fine interconnects on the market. Black Velvet offers among the best. It is shielded as well as anything out there. It is appropriate for analog OR digital use. We’re using three here. One is for the Coax digital out of the disc player, two are for the analog outs (for SACD) of the disc player.

Kimber Kable 8TC

Speaker Cables: Kimber 8 TC, $520 total with connectors.

$21 per foot, with WBT Banana plugs for the amp end and bare wire at the speaker ends. If you run two 8’ runs the price totals $520. The 8TC has crystal clear sound and brass kahunas. It features a multi-stranded braided construction with a Teflon jacket. We think it sounds as good as anything out there!