Killer Two Channel – System 2

System Price $14,156

Paradigm Signature 8

Speakers: Paradigm Signature 8, $9000pr

Paradigm’s top of the line Signature 8 is a glorious speaker on many levels! First of all, featuring a beryllium tweeter, it’s fast, open & airy. The space and float is SWEET! The mid definition delivered by the 7” cobalt mid is spot on. The timbre of piano, guitar, voice… is gorgeous. With four 7” corrugated surrounds, the bass is robust, yet not boomy. All told, Sig 8 is a magnificent piece of work that competes with ANY speaker, at ANY price. The SPL is friendly at 89dB.

Don’t scoff. When you look at what you get for $20-30k from many competitors- a lot of it is sexy cabinet work. The actual hardware in Sig 8 is impressive for what you’re paying. One of the reasons Sig 8 is only $9k per pair is that Paradigm has a vibrant business going. They sell to approximately 50 countries around the world. We get the benefit of some economy of scale working for us. We get the consistency that far surpasses “one offs” from small time vendors that fancy themselves to be “artisans.”


Rogue Metis Magnum

Preamp: Rogue Metis Magnum $1500

Rogue is a very well made line of American tube gear. Metis Magnum is quite the steal in that it has the warmth we’ve grown to love from tube gear- made in Pa. Literally all the competing tube products in this price range are sourced out from vendors in Asia. THAT… is a problem. We have tried some of these imports. While some have sounded respectable, we’ve had some literally go up in smoke! Even with the best of ‘em, service is a nightmare.

Rogue is the real deal. After you research a bit, you’ll see the other American companies shooting for this target charge double or more! If you should have a problem, we have Rogue’s support in our back pocket, which is dramatically better than having some importer hire a guy with a soldering iron to try to sort out problems once they’re in the field!

Rogue Atlas Magnum

Power Amp: Rogue Atlas Magnum $2000, 90×2, $2000

Atlas Magnum punches out 90×2 with KT120 tubes. The sound is warm and robust- just as you would expect! Again, let’s look at the competition. What do you get for $2k? Typically, 40×2 from an Asian import. As soon as it breaks you’ll be crying! The alternative? If you buy American tube gear from a legit competitor, $4k typically gets you 50×2, HALF the power of Atlas Magnum!


Rega RP3

Analog: Rega RP-3 with Elys 2 Cartridge, $1200

Obviously you can run a disc player into Metis Magnum. It’s tough to beat the Marantz SA-8004 for a grand. But since we’re talking analog here, consider the awesome value of Rega’s RP-3 turntable ($900) and Elys 2 MM cartridge, $300. RP-3 is the most recent update of a classic product with glass platter and unique arm bracing. The Elys 2 cart is a beauty- with 7.0 mV output and one piece cantilever design. The Rega combo has a smooth, dynamic sound that will win your soul. Metis Magnum has a nice MM phono section.

Black Velvet Interconnect Cable

Interconnect Cable: Black Velvet

Run a Black Velvet from pre to power, described in 2 Channel System One, only $200.


Kimber Kable 8TC

Speaker Cables: Kimber 4TC, $11 per foot, with banana plugs at all ends.

Kimber’s 4TC uses a Teflon jacket and braided weave to eliminate RFI. The sound is clear, allowing great detail and dynamic attack. Two terminated 8’ runs = $256.