Killer Two Channel – System 3

System Price $21,624

Bryston Model T Speakers

Speakers: Bryston Model T, $6500pr

A new entry into the speaker world, Bryston is kicking ARSE, literally! Since Bryston has been in biz since 1963, it has proven to be in the top echelon of electronics manufacturers. Its 20 year warranty is legendary. After prototyping many speakers and even importing some, Bryston has jumped into a crowded speaker field and is bruising plenty of noses.

Bryston felt the traditional speaker companies we all know and respect, have come up short in a couple of significant areas. Most notably, Bryston felt the established manufacturers were coming up short in bass performance and power handling.

Model T is a true power house! It weighs in at 108 pounds. The cabinet isn’t a rectangle to avoid standing waves. Bracing is immense. Bryston employs two Titanium tweeters and two Ceramic Coated Aluminum mid drivers- to share power handling capabilities among multiple drivers. These are housed in their own enclosure. The bass is delivered by three Herculean 8”, long throw woofers.

Model T produces a muscular, smooth field of sound. Beauty meets the beast- warmth blended with great power. Model T is the first in what will likely be a great future for Bryston speakers!


Marantz SA-15S2 SACD Player

SACD/CD Player: Marantz SA-11S3 $4000

Marantz has redesigned its industry famous SA-7 ($7k). SA-11S3 is the replacement model and it has hit the ball well out of the park! To make a short story shorter, we’ve heard NO disc player, at any price, perform as well as SA-11S3! Built like a tank with XLR and RCA outs, various digital ins and outs, SA-11S3 belongs in the most serious music systems on the market because of the astounding level of information it uncovers.


Bryston BP

Preamp: Bryston BP-26 $5000

My favorite preamp is a two chassis design. The power supply is outboard the signal chassis. The two piece combo with remote runs $5k. It is the ultimate combo of silent background, speed and tightness. Bass absolutely jumps out of the floor with dynamic realism that’s downright scary. Supporting XLR and RCA ins/outs, BP-26 is a reference level product.


Bryston 4B SST2

Power Amp: Bryston 4B-SST2 $5000, 300×2

Everything I bragged up on BP-26 above, can be ditto’d right here. Speed, power, dynamics, quiet background- it’s all here. The adjunct is that 4B has the ability to START and STOP your speakers as well as anything short of its bigger brothers. It’s a great choice to run the Model T speakers! It should come as no surprise- designed by the same team of engineers.


Kimber Kable Hero XLR

Interconnect Cables: Kimber Heros, 1m XLRs run only $210

You need two sets. Disc player to preamp, preamp to power amp. Hero competes with the most expensive Snake Oil out there for only $420 in this system!


Kimber Kable 8TC

Speaker Cables: Kimber 8TC

$21 per foot, with four pairs of WBT locking bananas ($92pr). For an eight foot pair the total price runs $704.