Killer Two Channel – System 5

System Price $6,228

Paradigm Studio 100

Speakers: Paradigm Studio 100 $3600pr

Paradigm’s Studio-100 is a full size tower that delivers a big sound and a fair price. Using three carbon-infused 7” woofs, a 7” Satin Anodized Aluminum mid, and a 1” G-Pal tweeter, S-100 is chock full of hardware. The drivers are not just screwed into the front of the box. They are mounted onto thick metal plates to reinforce the baffle strength. The result is, you hear the music and not the box! You’ll be amazed at the clarity and bass response from this tower. It gives the music nice foundation and maintains Paradigm’s typically open, airy flavor.


Marantz CD 6004

CD Player: Marantz CD-6005 $500

The new CD-6005 has quickly become the best buy in a “cut above” CD Player. At only $500 it has some nice thoughts on board! It has a superior DAC (Cirrus Logic 4398) to little brother CD-5004, and audiophile parts selection in the line stage and power supply. The analog section is very good, though we’re not using that in this particular system. CD-6005 has a USB input on the front for your iPod, Thumb drive or Hard Drive. Hence you get the sound quality of CD-6004 with those sources.


Integrated Amp Anthem

Integrated Amp, Anthem I-225 $1800, 250×2

Paradigm calls its electronics line, Anthem. This integrated amp is a beautiful beast at 45 pounds of analog muscle. It has plenty of power to drive S-100 properly. The musical perspective is rich and robust- nothing thin about this guy. With MM phono, tone controls, front panel iPod input and pre out, I-225 has a host of features we tinkers can use.


Black Velvet Interconnect Cable

Interconnect Cable: Black Velvet Digital Coax, 3’ Long $200

Black Velvet features a 100% shielded cable with edge of the art Neutrik make & break RCA heads. It’s an ideal combination of parts yielding great sound at a fair price!


Kimber 4PR

Speaker Cables, $128: Kimber 4PR

$3’ per foot, with banana plugs ($20pr) all ‘round. You’ve got nice clarity and RF rejection that Kimber is famous for! Two 8’ runs with bananas.