Killer Two Channel – System 7

System Price $4,128

Paradigm Studio 60 Reference Speaker

Speakers: Paradigm Studio 60 $2500pr

System 7 is for you guys that need to fit your music system in the living room. You need speakers that are finished as elegantly as they sound- and don’t have a big foot print. Look no further, S-60 is YOUR speaker.

S-60 is highly efficient. Nova 125 below can drive them the way YOU want- when you get HER out of the house! This is a great package of modest size, great aesthetics, and excellent musical performance. You won’t believe the bass and image the S-60 can produce from this modest footprint. Available in cherry, rosenut, black ash, or piano black gloss (upcharge), one of these will work at your house.


Peach Tree Nova 125

Integrated Amp: PeachTree Nova 125se, $1500, 125×2

Nova 125se is a cutting edge integrated amp with on board Sabre DAC. Since it runs USB, OPT or Coax, just run your computer, Sonos or disc player straight in and away you go. The preamp section has a tube you can use or not. A nice headphone amp is on board. It even has pre outs if you want to add a sub or a bigger amp. Nova 125se is fast and a bit lean- which interfaces great with the S-60s since the MRS. is probably going to insist the S-60s be near a back wall.

Kimber 4PR Speaker Cable

Speaker Cables: Kimber 4PR

$3 per foot, with banana plugs at the amp and speaker ends. The 4PR presents a solid pipeline of clarity and smoothness. Two terminated 8’ runs = $128.