Killer Two Channel – System 8

System Price $2,628

Paradigm Studio 20 Speakers

Speakers: Paradigm Studio 20 $1500pr

System 8 is when you can’t run a floor stander. Studio 20 is my favorite “Shelf” speaker for the money, and nothing is close for second place. Using a 7” S-PAL mid/woof and G-PAL tweeter…

S-20 does everything the S-100 does, sans a percentage of bass and power handling. Hence if you have no interest in dropping bar bells on your floor, S-20 may very well be all you’ll ever need!

If you do want to drop bar bells on the floor and a big tower like S-100 just ain’t happening for some reason, consider adding a new Monitor Sub to the S-20. But do you really need one? Just to let you know how good S-20s are, we’ve sold a handful of systems where S-20 is driven by the PeachTree Grand Integrated. The budget was $6k in an office sized man cave. The music was on the computer. Music could be fierce and flying- but sizes were limited!

Peach Tree Decco 65

Integrated Amp: PeachTree Nova 65se, $1000, 65×2

Well, I really want you to run S-20 with Nova 125 described in package 7. But since we’re doing the mix/max package thing here… we’ll save a few bux and run with Nova 65se.

Nova 65se uses a less sophisticated amp than Nova 125. Nova 125 is faster, righter and more revealing. Yet… if you’re listening at lower levels in an environment where you can’t let it rip, Nova 65se offers an excellent value. It has the on board Sabre DAC, tube that you can activate or not, and preamp outputs.


Kimber 4PR Speaker Cable

Speaker Cables: Kimber 4PR

$3 per foot, with banana plugs at the amp and speaker ends. The 4PR presents a solid pipeline of clarity and smoothness. Two terminated 8’ runs = $128.