Killer Two Channel Systems – McIntosh 1

System Price $34,114

McIntosh MPC-1500

Power Conditioner: McIntosh MPC-1500

At the heart of a substantial Mac system belongs the MPC-1500. It has 12 outlets and is the stable base for the accompanying stack!


McIntosh MCD-550


CD Player: McIntosh MCD-550

This new Mac CD player plays SACDs and Red Book CDs. You can use its on board DAC for other sources due to Coax, Opt & USB ins. It’s a serious source to give you wonderful performance on SACD as well as regular CDs!


McIntosh C-2500

Preamp: McIntosh C-2500 Stereo Tube Preamp

This is Mac’s, brand new, tube, one chassis preamp! It features on board DAC (2 Coax, 2 Opt, 1 USB), MM & MC, and 8 other high level inputs including two XLR. Outs include two RCAs and two XLRs. This a true state of the art contender hot off the presses!


McIntosh MC-452


Power Amp: McIntosh MC-452 Stereo Power Amp

At 450 w/ch the MC-452 will drive any speaker out there beautifully. MC-452 features Mac’s autoformer design for constant impedance. It’s always driving on a level highway and sounds super warm and smooth!


Bryston Model T (cherry & boston cherry)


Speakers: Bryston Model T Signatures $9k pr

The new Bryston T Sigs feature outboard crossovers for maximum performance and to allow you to upgrade as the state of the art improves. We’ve had many customers switch to Bryston from English products that are much more expensive. Everyone has thanked us for making them aware of the improvement that was possible! Bryston sounds good at all frequencies, but its prodigious bass is jaw dropping!


Kimber Kable KCAG


Interconnect Cables: Kimber Kable KCAG, 1m $860ea in XLR config

The KCAG is Kimber’s classic Silver interconnect. You need one from the MCD-500 to the C-46. You need another from the C-46 to the MC-402 power amp.


Kimber Bifocal XLs


Speaker Cables: Kimber Bifocal XLs

Two 6’ runs with terminations $2500. The BiFocal XL is the ultimate cable for providing maximum macro detail and dynamic contrast. It’s the best of the best!



McIntosh Pricing – McIntosh will not allow us to publish line item prices. Of course we can provide them in our store or if you call in.