Killer Two Channel Systems – McIntosh 2

System Price $20,728

McIntosh MCD-550


CD Player: McIntosh MCD-550

This new Mac CD player plays SACDs and Red Book CDs. You can use its on board DAC for other sources due to Coax, Opt & USB ins. It’s a serious source to give you wonderful performance on SACD as well as regular CDs!



McIntosh C-50


Preamp: McIntosh C-50 Stereo Preamp

This is Mac’s new, top of the line, single chassis solid state preamp. It has an 8 band EQ. It features MM & MC phono and seven additional high level RCA inputs, two additional with XLRs. Also has two sets RCA and XLR outs. You can level match the inputs. It has a fine headphone amp. It’s a wonderfully clean stereo preamp!


McIntosh MC-302 Stereo Power Amp


Power Amp: McIntosh MC-302 Stereo Power Amp

At 300 w/ch the MC-302 will drive any speaker very well! If for some reason you don’t think 300×2 is enough, you can run two MC-302s as monoblocks and you’ll have 600w/ch! Combined with C-220 preamp above, this system gives you Mac’s most affordable separates approach to run a tube preamp with a Herculean solid state power amp!




Bryston Middle T (cherry)

Speakers: Bryston Middle T $4600pr

Bryston’s Middle T features two WAUMPUS tail kicking 8” woofers, the likes of which you’ve never heard before! Combine them with the new technology Ceramic coated mid and Titanium tweeter and you’ll be more than a little impressed!




Kimber Kable Hero XLR


Interconnect Cables: Kimber Kable Hero XLR $310ea x 2 = $620

The Hero is Kimber Kable’s top cable short of really fancy money- the most performance for the investment! Run one from the MCD-301 to C-220, and one from C-220 to MC-302.


Kimber Kable 8TC


Speaker Cables: Kimber 8TC with WBT Bananas $528

Two 6’ runs with WBT Bananas run $528. The 8TC is our favorite high end cable for the price/value ratio!



McIntosh Pricing – McIntosh will not allow us to publish line item prices. Of course we can provide them in our store or if you call in.