Mini T buyer thanks Bryston


Subject: Bryston Mini T speakers

Hi James
Ashley of Smithís Audio in Lethbridge thought you would appreciate my impressions of my recently purchased Bryston Mini T speaker. 

The Mini T has lots of bass. It should be a big hit with young buyers and as well with geezers like me.  In general terms I think the Mini T sounds good and so does my wife who has described it as smooth and beautiful sounding. It sounds good to me too. It has a room filling sound that does a good job of mimicking a live performance in a good way. They really rock at higher than usual volumes. Tom Petty and ZZ Top. Wow! Classical music never sounds strained either.  Vivaldi! Smooth as silk!  Iím glad I made the purchase.    
In terms of appearance the Mini Tís looks great with the rosewood finish. The covers are the best Iíve ever had for convenience of removing and replacing.
You should know that Smithís audio is a classy audio dealer.  Selling Bryston products through them is an asset to Bryston.   
I appreciate your ď listening ď to me.  Iím a Bryston fan and use a BCD-1, BDA-1 DAC and  BP100 Amp to drive my Mini Tís.  Itís a great combination.
Happy listening,
Tony Collins
Cranbrook, BC