Lost In Space!

Hi-Fi mags are fun to read. The reviewers have access to far more gear than you or I can ever see. Magazines have traditionally helped us vet what might cut the mustard.

I’m sorry to say, these folks are absolutely lost in space these days. They are of very little help to shoppers because of their ridiculous perspective on the hobby. Journalism?

First of all, the reviewers don’t pay for the gear they review. Hence they do not have any skin in the game. Their discussion is academic only. They have access to “anything” without paying for it. And even when they do buy something, it’s at an absurdly low price, nowhere near what you would pay for it. This is important to recognize because that’s how WE GOT HERE.

Where is HERE? TAS just came out with its 2017 buyers’ guide. They recommend 34 stand mount (bookshelf) speakers. The average price is $8475 per pair. That’s not a misprint. Almost $8.5k. The speaker half way down the list is $5k per pair. That’s their perspective on a middle priced bookshelf speaker. They think a mid level bookshelf speaker is a 6” 2-way for $5k.

Let’s look at floor standers. They recommend 81 pairs. Average price is $43k. Yes. Forty three freaking K. The speakers half way down the list are $21k. This is the sea in which they swim.

Audio Emporium Can Help Bring Sanity To Your Shopping!

While we do have high end products within our assortment, we are not similarly skewed. We have products much more in line with your wallet, not fantasy land.

We have skin in the game. We PAY for our products. Nobody is giving us anything in return for a pat on the back review. We see lots of every given product. We see products off the production line. We don’t get cherry picked samples as reviewers do. Nobody hand delivers it to us and sets it up, or helps us figure out menus and operation. We deal with real world issues just as our customers do. If a product has endemic problems, and it can happen, we’ll find out.

WE are in this hobby together with you. We don’t just write a few florid paragraphs and flush a product forever. We invest in these products. They have to sound great and be reliable. We recommend products based on a realistic perspective of value.

If a product you buy from us has a problem, we are your advocate. Reviewers are happy to wax on happily about everything, because if anything ever has an issue, they don’t need to be around to help you. WE DO.

Our advice is coming from many years of experience. We have the bumps and bruises to prove it. If manufacturers change directions and betray our trust, we’ll replace them with someone better. It’s an ever evolving world and business. Please select Audio Emporium in your quest to enjoy this hobby to the utmost.