Magnepan .7

MG-.7, Standard Base, $1400

Magnepan MG .7


The .7 is very much a scaled back MG-1.7. It is offered in a traditional Magnepan cosmetic for $1400pr. Magnepan is also offering a fancier styling for $1700pr. You win either way- great sound! MG-.7 is now the least expensive Maggie that is a full QUASI design. With QUASI, you have better efficiency, power handling, transients, bass response, dynamics. Like the 1.7, the .7 will incorporate a super tweeter to broaden off axis enjoyment. Older Magnepans had a relatively limited sweet spot for on axis listening. The .7 series offers a broad listening window.


MG-.7, Oval Base, $1700

MG .7+Oval Base