Marantz Receivers Are In Stock!

Marantz makes our favorite surround receivers. Marantz receivers are high current so they sound good. All channels use discrete output devices. The other guys can’t say that. Marantz offers all the features you need, including HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. They’ll shake hands with 4k copy protected sources. They have a three year warranty P&L. They have proven to be reliable. We’ve sold Marantz for 30 years!

Current Models

NR1506 $500: 50×5, Atmos 2ch
Mar4antz NR1506
NR1607 $700: 50×7, Atmos 2ch
Marantz NR1607
SR5011 $900: 100×7, Atmos 2ch
Marantz SR5011
SR6011 $1400: 110×9, Atmos 4ch!
Marantz SR6011
SR7011 $2200: 125×9, Atmos 4ch!
Marantz SR7011

All receivers except NR1506 have:
Blue Tooth
SR-7011 & SR-6011 have Audyssey XT32 Correction
SR-5011 has Audyssey XT, not XT32.
NR-1607 & NR-1506 have Audyssey EQ, not the above.
NR-1506 has 6 HDMI, Wifi, BT & Airplay.

Buy It From Us!

When you buy your Marantz receiver, you should buy it from us. If you buy from us, we’ll support you. If you don’t buy from us, you get to duke out your service with

We get a fair number of calls from people who have ordered any number of receivers on line- looking for service. You see, UPS and Fed Ex don’t necessarily treat your receiver as you would. Even if they carried each unit with white gloves, a certain percentage would be DOA or have problems in short order. Complicate that with bouncing them around various trucks, moving them around freight warehouses, or even tossing them around the truck on 20 stops before they get to your house. What could go wrong?!

If the receiver arrives at your door and you sign for it, IT IS YOURS. As soon as you sign for it, even if it’s broken in half, it’s your problem. Stated within the policies of web suppliers is that it is your responsibility to be aware of the unit’s condition when you sign for it. Nobody checks out receivers when they arrive. The drivers are in a hurry. Often you’re not home and someone else just signs for the unit and it’s done. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours.

Many companies say they’ll give refunds. Ah, but not for BROKEN merchandise. They will tell you sorry dude, it was your responsibility to pay attention when you signed for it.

Some sellers offer you 30 days to try it. You might not even get the menus figured out within that period of time. If you have a problem in 31 days, you get to pay to send it to the repair house. That’s right. They are not going to SWAP it for you, it’s going to a national repair house out east where it will wait in line. It will likely be over a month this time of year before it gets looked at, much less repaired.

The guys doing repairs are under the gun too. If a certain problem is typically solved by a certain solution, the tech changes that part or board- and out it goes. They do not take the time to actually QC every repair. The tech is paid per piece. Their fix is right about half the time.

Where do you suspect B stock comes from? Refurbished? Places selling B stock are selling gear that has failed to be repaired at least twice. Not a good investment.

Further, if you happened to have purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED DEALER, you have NO WARRANTY. You can scream to the highest mountain that the seller told you they were authorized. But if they are not on the list of authorized dealers, tough luck buddy.

When you buy from us, you’re protected from DOAs. You’re covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t risk getting stuck with a big problem.