Marantz SA-8005

Marantz SA-8005 $1200

Marantz SA-8005 SACD Player
Plays CDs, SACDs
And has on board DAC to talk to Sonos and your computer.

What? Why am I starting a Marantz SA-8005 discussion with the word “Sonos?”
It has a lot to do with you being lazy. Hey, it’s the truth!
Well, I’m a bit lazy myself.
While we are beating the drum for getting the best sound from SACDs, and CDs, a lot of our customers would rather let their fingers do the scrolling on their touch pad. Got it!
Sonos moves your music from your computer to your hifi more easily and reliably than anything else out there. However the DAC inside the Sonos Connect is generic. How else do you think they can keep the price at $350?!
Now that we have the music, in the person of the Connect, at your system, how can it best shake hands? Perhaps you have an integrated amp or preamp with a great DAC on board. If so, you’re set. But what if you don’t? I suggest you buy a Marantz SA-8005 for multiple reasons.
First of all, the DAC on board the SA-8005 is awesome! It is close to the best of the best, at a fraction of the price- because it is sharing a chassis with a world class disc player. If you just purchase the DAC portion of SA-8005 a la carte, you’ll spend $800. It would be a good purchase.
But you should…. while in the process of making a purchase, kill two birds with one stone. In SA-8005 you have a disc player that is close to the best of the best at any price. Make no mistake, when you want the best possible sound without occasional computer sputters and glitches, you’ll spin an SACD or fine Red Book CD.
Sonos is great for listening to CDs you have saved to your computer- or fine streaming services like Deezer, Spotify and Pandora. Sonos is the way to get internet radio to your hifi. All of these musical sources benefit from the improved performance of a high echelon DAC.
When you purchase SA-8005, you’ve given Sonos its best opportunity to shine through with all its luster. AND… you have a world class disc player for when you’re really serious about hearing the most nuance and technique of your favorite musicians!
To connect the Connect to the Marantz SA-8005, we suggest you use the Mogami LINK I coax interconnect cable, $50. It provides the best shielding out there for solid 75ohm handshake- at a very reasonable price!