McIntosh Integrated Amps 2018

McIntosh Integrated Amps (& One Receiver) 2018

With so many customers buying the Bluesound Node 2 ($500) from us these days as their streaming source that supports CD and MQA level sound through Tidal, integrated amps make great sense to interface to your speakers. McIntosh makes a nice array of options for you to consider.
First of all, Mac builds its integrateds, receiver and power amps like a Mac truck. There’s plenty of blood and guts. No short cuts. No tricks. All the Macs use large transformers, caps & heatsinks. In a way, this is your father’s Oldsmobile- but with cutting edge semi conductors from today’s technology.

MA252: $3500, 100×2, 30lbs (7 5/8h, 12w, 18d)

Hot off the presses is this stunningly beautiful, slimmer profile Mac. With tube preamp (two 12AX7a’s & two 12 AT7’s) and solid state power amp (100×2) section, MA252 is a classic analog Mac integrated. No DAC. Inputs include MM phono, two RCA and one XLR. There is one subwoofer output.
The amp section is AB and does not employ autoformers. MA252 does have McIntosh’s Power Guard and Sentry Monitor protection features. It has bass and treble controls and a new High Drive headphone amp.
The game plan with MA252 is to keep it simple and musical. Get your streaming from Node 2 and away ya go!


MA5300: $5000, 100×2, 40lbs (6h, 17 1/2w, 22d)

MA5300 is solid state, AB, and has an on board DAC. It is Mac’s first integrated amp with its classic blue power meters. This Mac is smaller than its bigger brothers because some people want Mac and don’t have room for the big boys. MA5300 is impedance safe and does not use autoformers.
Its inputs include MM phono, four RCA analogs, one XLR analog. Digital inputs are two Coax, two OPT, 1 USB-B. MA5300 has pre-out/main-in jacks linked with horse shoe jumpers. The sound of MA5300 is warm and smooth. I think it’s a particularly nice mate to the GoldenEars!


MAC7200 STEREO RECEIVER: $7000, 200×2, 75lbs (7 5/8h, 17 1/2w, 22d)

MAC7200 is Mac’s first big dog power house with the large classic power meters. With AM/FM tuner on board and loads of power, MAC7200 is basically an MA8900 (sans tuner) with fewer inputs and no 5 band EQ. It does have bass & treble controls. At 200×2 this and its bigger brothers below can drive any speakers out there.
MAC7200 does use Mac’s renowned autoformers. They keep the impedance constant for reliability. Power Guard & Sentry Monitor are additional Mac classic features used in this and the bigger brothers below.
Inputs include five RCA analog, one XLR, MM & MC phono. Digital inputs include two Coax, two OPT, 1 USB-B. It does have Mac’s High Drive headphone amp.


MA8900: $7500, 200×2, 78lbs (7 5/8h, 17 1/2w, 22d)

MA8900 is classic Mac beefcake with big meters! With 200×2 and weighing in at almost 80lbs, you’re literally ready to rock! MA8900 does employ Mac’s renowned autoformers to provide constant impedance performance and reliability. MA8900 has Mac’s classic 5 band EQ controls. It also has the High Drive headphone amp.
Inputs include MM & MC phono, six RCA analogs, one XLR. Digital inputs include two Coax, two OPT, 1 USB-B. Has pre-out/main in linked with horse shoe jumpers.


MA9000: $10,500, 300×2, 102lbs, (9 7/16h, 17 1/2w, 22d)

MA9000 is the Mac KING integrated! With 300×2 and iconic meters, it’s the most Mac going on a single chassis. This beasty boy has an 8 band EQ to dial in your sound. Of course it uses autoformers and can drive any speakers on the planet. When you need a tyrannosaurus rex in an integrated amp, look no further!
Inputs include six RCA analog, two XLR, MM & MC Phono. Digital inputs include two coax, two OPT, 1 USB-B. Has pre-out/main in linked with horse shoe jumpers. It also has the High Drive headphone amp.