Mobile Fidelity Turntables

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Mobile Fidelity StudioDeck Turntable With StudioTracker Cartridge $1150

I’ll bet you vinyl lovers know the name Mobile Fidelity. MoFi made state of the art LPs
back in the day. MoFi continues to make AND distribute the best vinyl our industry has seen.

It has been a goal of MoFi to come out with its own line of turntables & cartridges. They have just shipped their entry level model, StudioDeck turntable with StudioTracker Cart.


Studio Deck Turntable $1000

>> Stainless Steel Inverted Main Bearing, Brass Sleeve, Teflon Thrust Pad
>> 10” Arm
>> 3/4” Delrin Platter
>> Fully Isolated AC synchronous motor
>> Belt Drive, dual construction
>> Hinged Dust Cover Included
>> Height Adjustable Feet by HRS

Studio Tracker Cartrdige $200

MM, Dual Magnets, 3.5mV output, Polymer body (6.4g), Elyptical stylus

UltraTracker Cartridge $500

MM, Dual Magnets, 3.5mV, Silver Billet 6061 body, 9.7g, Nude Elyptical stylus

MasterTracker Cartridge $700

MM, Dual Magnets, 3.0mV, Dark Grey Billet 6061 body, 9.7g, Ohno Copper Coils, MicroLine stylus

Coming Soon!

UltraDeck Turntable $1800

>> Hardened stainless steel inverted bearing with brass sleeve and sapphire thrust pad
>> 10” arm with 5 precision bearings
>> 1.3” Delrin platter with decoupled spindle
>> Fully Isolated AC Synchro motor
>> Belt Drive, dual construction
>> Hinged Dust Cover Included
>> Aluminum damping overlay
>> Carda internal tonearm wiring
>> Height Adjustable Feet by HRS

UltraDeck will sell for $2000 with UltraTracker Cartridge!

Nice package deal, savings of $300!