Moderately Priced Subwoofers

Today we have many subwoofer offerings that are astoundingly good for reasonable money. I want to use this space to brag them up a bit.

First of all, don’t even consider repairing your old brand X subwoofer that just broke. You’ll spend $300ish on it and have a 90 day warranty. If it breaks in 91 days, you’re right back where you started!
We know human nature is to go cheap, but it isn’t wise.
Our experience has shown us that all inexpensive subs have wimpy amplifiers. If you drive them hard (what else did you buy a sub for?!) they puke in a few years. The repair is to rebuild the amplifier. Now that it is out of warranty, it is a profit center for the manufacturer. The typical subwoofer amp repair is $250-300 plus UPS. Further, once it is repaired, the best you can expect is the same result. That is, if you run it hard, it’s going to break again.
Not a good investment!

$500: GoldenEar ForceField 3GoldenEar Force Field 3

If you’re looking for an inexpensive sub that can do a formidable job, you’ve found it in the GE FF-3. It is the $500 champ among powered subs- because it doesn’t sound lightweight.
There are many facets of GoldenEar subs that make them good values. FF-3 starts as a potent, cast frame 8” woofer with a large magnet. It is mated with a down firing 9.5×11.5” Quadratic Radiator. Most companies supply a 100w amp. FF-3 has ten times that much power= 1000w on board to deliver a big punch when needed. You need the power for performance and reliability. GE has it. The other guys…. don’t.
$700: GoldenEar ForceField 4GoldenEar Force Field 4
If you can step up two bills, you can swing FF-4. FF-4 has a front firing 10” woofer, down firing 11×14” Quadratic Radiator and a 1200w amp! The step to FF-4 is quite noticeable in a good sized room or, especially in a basement environment where it is tough to get the bass moving.
$1000: GoldenEar ForceField 5GoldenEar Force Field 5
Perhaps the best buy of the bunch is the FF-5. FF-5 uses a 12” front firing woofer, down firing 13×15” Quadratic Radiator and a 1500w amp! While FF-5 is fast enough for music, it can absolutely BRING IT when you’re challenging with an action movie. FF-5 has the gusto.
Are we being greedy in suggesting you consider buying two subs? Not really.
While our industry says you can’t tell where a sub is located because the bass is so low…. that’s not really true. We find that a listener with a decent ear really CAN locate where the sub is.
If you run a pair, one towards each corner in the front of your room, for music OR movies, the bass and weight is equally distributed and you really can’t locate the subs. By running two, each works less, so the sound is deeper and tighter. You can run the crossover a bit higher. Since each has its own amp, you haven’t compromised there either.
Prodigious, yes. Over kill, no!