Mogami Interconnects

Mogami LINK Series of Interconnects

The LINK SERIES from Mogami is very flexible cable, both physically and electronically! The impedance is true 75 ohms, hence it is appropriate for analog audio, coax digital audio (won’t de-latch!), component or composite video, and subwoofer use. Here’s one cable that just about does it all, and for surprisingly low prices. How do they do it?

Mogami has been around since the early 70s. It is a family owned company in Nagano, Japan with about thirty employees. Koichi Harabayashi started the company and still runs it. Mogami is Mogami. Mogami doesn’t buy cables from a generic wire house and slap labels on them. The LINK Series starts with oxygen free copper, .99997%!

Here’s what is special about the LINK Series in addition to the impedance spec mentioned above. LINKs use a 100% spiral rolled shield. Most companies use a braided weave for the ground, which effectively only shields 80%. They aren’t as impervious to interference as the LINKs. Further, the type of ground used (Mogami uses equally pure copper) and the amount of shielding helps Mogami achieve a neutral sonic balance and silent background. The center pins are slightly oversized so you always get a good fit. The flanges of the RCA jacks are tight, but not brittle. The result is the ground is always reliable. Many connectors are not contiguous in their connections. Hence, you slip the connector on and it only grips near the chassis. As you pull it off, you can actually feel the gaps in the grip! With Mogami you can feel as you pull the connector off the jack on the chassis, the ground flanges contact very evenly, with a unique, almost supple feel. Mogamis’ are soldered and treated with molded booting to prevent the oxygen free copper from becoming tarnished over the years.

Mogami is very well known and respected in the medical and pro electronics fields. Mogami has never really gone after the home A/V market. But Audio Emporium has sold Mogami since 1979! We became aware of it through a physician who encountered them in the medical (MRI) field and loved the sound when he got some audio samples! They ship the cables in bulk, in very unassuming packaging. Most competitors spend a fair amount of YOUR dollars on fancy packaging- with color photos and a description of what the cable does- so you can self serve at the super stores!

LINK ONE (1 run with a male RCA jack on each end)

Link One

3’ $40

6’ $50

10’ $80

20’ $100


LINK TWO (2 runs with male RCA jacks on each end)

Link Two

3’ $50

6’ $60

10’ $100

20’ $125