MQA Discussed

Master Quality Authenticated.

It’s a new method of getting music to you in STATE OF THE ART quality.

We have it NOW.
We have the Bluesound Node 2 ($500) which decodes MQA.
This is your “machine.”
You subscribe to Tidal for $20 per month. You’re good to go.

What Is MQA?

» MQA is a delivery system for music. Music Origami.
» The music is streamed FOLDED UP.
» The music is UNFOLDED by an MQA decoder, like the Bluesound Node 2.


The nuts and bolts of MQA revolve around proprietary technology that eliminates the blurring that occurs with digital audio filters. MQA reduces “ringing” approximately ten times better than Hi-Res files. The result is, clearer sound. Better transient and more dynamic sound. Bigger sound stage. Stronger bass. Everything we equate to a better sounding musical experience is improved.
MQA assures you’re hearing the authorized master recording in the best possible fidelity.


We have seen MQA in the works for a couple years. When presented to reviewers, it earned nothing but raves. Reviewers said MQA sounded superior to Hi-Res files- which take up too much bandwidth to stream anyway.
For a reviewer to review MQA, he used a $22k CD player, that had the decoder on board. He played files on CDs that were custom burned for him. These were not CDs that were for sale. Hence this system presented for review was a closed circuit system. The results drew raves from all corners.
Impressive as it was, the promise of MQA was in streaming, not selling expensive disc players and yet another format of discs. The “trick” to MQA is to stream it at small bandwidth (folded) to you, and then unfold it at your house through a decoder. Encode/Decode.

Feb 1, 2017

On Feb 1, 2017, Tidal began streaming approximately 2000 albums of MQA music. That’s when the experiment came to life. It is now real. It isn’t a closed circuit test pad. It works. Now. Today. We can demo it for you. You can have it at your house. Tonight.
For music to be delivered in MQA, record companies sign on and provide the content. Warner Brothers is IN. Universal Music Group is IN. With the big dogs signed on, the avalanche is sure to build. Both WB and UMG are aiming to roll out their entire libraries of music during 2017.

Do I Need MQA?

Yes! MQA is what we have hoped for. That is, we wanted music we could stream, as opposed to buying discs or files. The fidelity exceeds Hi-Res. After buying the Node 2, it only runs you $20 per month for Tidal.
Tidal is the first service to provide MQA. There are over 200 streaming services on the market and of course, there will be many competing services to offer MQA, sooner than later. You don’t sign a contract with Tidal. If you find a superior service, you can switch horses.
MQA is among the best things to happen to our great hobby!
You get state of the art sound at an affordable price.

Why wait?!

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