NAD’s New Integrated Amp: C328

NAD C-328, Integrated Amp, $550, 50×2 (2 3/16h, 17 1/8w, 11 1/4d)

Don’t miss the introduction of this sleek new integrated amp from NAD. It brings NAD’s Hybrid Digital technology to its lowest price point yet. C-328 has smooth sonics and surprising DRIVE. You can run subwoofers at speaker or line level.

Try running a subwoofer at speaker level on any other integrated south of a grand and you’d better have the fire extinguisher ready.

Like all NAD integrateds, horse power separates the men from the boys. NAD will more than double its power on peaks while the other guys will barely hit their rated power. Think Michael Jordan vs lumbering guys that can’t get off the floor.

Hence C-328 performs muscle-wise, stronger than its $900 competitors rated at 100×2. Further, NAD integrateds are comfortable with any impedance. You buy the speaker you like the sound of- without fear of toasting the amp. Many of the other guys actually warn you RIGHT ON THE BACK OF THE UNIT not to run speakers under 8 ohms.

We sell some great 4 ohm speakers. Brystons, Magnepans, Emotivas. According to Yamaguchi, their integrateds won’t play these without fear of burning up the amp!

C-328 has the following:
-High quality MM phono
-Two RCA analog inputs
-Has on board DAC with 2 OPT and 2 Coax
-Sub out
-And don’t miss the BASS EQ control-
to give you a bump at 50Hz, very helpful with modest shelf speakers in particular!